Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Road Trip!

Okay, so our upcoming travel isn't really in the same league with the American idea of road tripping--packing up the car, stopping as you like, eating at Cracker Barrel, etc, but we're still excited about it!

Tomorrow morning, early (very early, like 6:15) we will leave our house and take a fast train to the capital city. We plan to spend the next several days with our other American partners, having time to talk, pray, plan and fellowship together. The idea is to "retreat" from our day to day work here for a bit and have some time away to be refreshed and renewed. Of course, it helps that there are Starbucks and Subway nearby! John did a great job planning family times, together times, and even a men's evening out and a women's evening out. We'll all be staying in one big furnished apartment, so it will be a weekend of togetherness! We're looking forward to it!

From there, John and I will go directly to another city nearby where we are hoping that our baby can be born next April. There is an international hospital there but it's totally unknown to us, so we wanted to go and look at the facility, meet with a doctor, and generally scope out the situation. [I.e. ask pertinent questions like, "will my husband be allowed to be with me in the room while the baby is being born?" and "What is your idea of natural birth?"] We also will need to look for housing in the area. So after a few days in that city, we will finally arrive home next Friday.

All this to say, I do not know what our internet access will be as we are gone. I may not be able to blog for awhile. Wow, and when we get home it will already be December 7th! Christmas (and Clara Anne's third birthday!) is just around the corner!

Until then, happy trails . . .


Gretchen said...

Have lots of fun!! I'll thinking of you next time I drink my Starbucks! Yummo!

Jodi said...

John and Rachel, I trust you all have a wonderful trip, renewing in every way (including a caffeine fix :)). Bethany now works for the Starbucks in Oxmoor (I remember seeing you there), so I stop by frequently. We'll be interested to hear what you think of the potential hospital site.

The pilgrim and Indian hats were amazing--quite creative.

Blessings on you all!

Love, Jodi