Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clara Anne Quotables

It sometimes amazes me the progress that Clara Anne has made in speaking what she really thinks. She is able to express herself so well! (Of course, there are downsides to that as well . . . ) But here's a few recent quotations, before I forget them all!

"Mommy, that jacket is too small for your baby." Observed when watching me trying to zip up my spring jacket past my very large belly.

"Here, Chloe, here is some wine. You can drink it and remember me." While playing with cups in the bathtub, I think some ideas about the Lord's supper got mixed up with the bath water!

"Oh no! Mommy, Chloe bent this card, and I'm sorry to say, now I can't fix it." Can you guess who else in our house uses the expression "I'm sorry to say"?

"Mommy, I'm hungry. Is it almost breakfast time? Maybe I could have some hello dollies and some cake!" After a nap; just listen to that sweet tooth talking!

"When Jesus died, that made me very upset." After watching a brief children's video about Easter.

"Mommy, I don't like it when my hair keeps falling in my eyes. Can you comb my hair today? I better put some clips in my hair, Mommy!" This was a first! Usually the hair-combing is a battle.

"More hello dollies, please!" My first attempt at making this yummy treat this week met with rave reviews from the whole family!

Then of course, there are the lines that I'd like to forget, like "I don't want to" and "but, Mommy," although we do try to minimize those occurrences. Generally, it really is fun to see Clara Anne acquiring more and more language, and especially growing in her ability to learn Asianese and memorize Scripture, both important! Hope you enjoyed these quotes from Clara Anne!

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Sandra said...

I,too, enjoy a good Lord's Supper with my bath!