Thursday, March 06, 2008

Herself Again

Well, I'm finally logging in today to share the happy news that Chloe is pretty much entirely over her sickness. After consulting with our American doctor online, we ended up getting a urine sample from her and taking her to a local hospital to get that checked as well as her lungs checked. The doctor there thought that Chloe had a bacterial infection in her throat (her tonsils were inflamed and swollen). That diagnosis certainly fit her persistent fever, thirst, and reluctance to eat. Our American doctor thought it might or might not be an actual bacterial infection; he felt the safest route was to put her on a five day treatment of antibiotics to make sure. We started on Sunday and she is really and truly feeling better. It's so good to see her smile again! She's been happily bopping around the house these last days, full of energy and of course, fighting with Clara Anne. But we're happy to have her acting like herself again! This week was too busy to resume the potty training, and John has some important meetings at the beginning of next week, so perhaps later next week we'll try it again. A few more days of diapers won't hurt anybody!

Thanks to all of you who were thinking of Chloe last week. I am thankful for such a gracious answer to prayer!

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