Thursday, March 27, 2008

Week 37!

For all of you out there keeping track (I know, probably just me and maybe my mother, too!), week 37 has begun! I was a little alarmed last weekend, when John was away, to find that the "Braxton Hicks" contractions I was having were coming regularly about every 10-12 minutes for a period of several hours Friday afternoon and evening. I called my friend Rachel and said, "What should be my plan?" At the time I was feeling really uncomfortable and was helping the girls eat supper, though I wasn't hungry at all. She very calmly said, "Ok, get your girls in bed, lie down, drink lots of water, time your contractions, and call me in an hour." I followed her advice and though the contractions continued, they did not intensify and I was able to go to sleep (a sure sign of pre-labor, not real labor) about 11pm.

Thankfully John was coming home the next day and so we discussed things. These prelabor contractions are so typical for the way my previous two labors have gone that I really shouldn't have been surprised. With Clara Anne, they started right on my due date and I thought I was really going into labor! To my surprise, she wasn't born until 5 days later! With Chloe, they started about 2 weeks before she was born (particularly noticeable on our daily walks to Starbucks from our apartment there in Thailand), and at first we were all excited, thinking she would come early. Nope, two weeks later, after many many prelabor contractions, found me complaining to John one afternoon, "I am so sick and tired of these prelabor contractions! They are starting to really hurt, and I just know this is going to go on for another week!" The pain factor should have been my first clue. Sure enough, she was born about 10 hours later.

However, these contractions have been more regular and frequent, and begun much earlier, than either of my previous experiences. Suddenly our plan to arrive in the birth city a scant two weeks before my due date was looking a bit risky. So, we've changed our plans and will now be leaving for that beautiful seaside city next Monday, a week earlier than originally planned.

John put me on mock bedrest this week in order to help me deal with the contractions and life as well. We've eaten a little simpler meals, I've been forbidden to take the girls out by myself, and John won the "Sensitive Husband Award" by suggesting that I get several massages this week. I think we're going to make it until next Monday! The contractions are still present but I haven't bothered to time them; in fact I'm trying my best to ignore them. Now I know from experience--real contractions will not allow you to ignore them! So as long as I can put it out of my mind, it helps a lot.

We were glad to have this one final week to wrap things up at home here--in fact, several big issues have made significant progress. The most exciting is that we have signed an agreement on a new apartment and will hopefully take possesion on May 1st! It needs some renovations so we do not plan to move in immediately (and with a new baby I will probably not be ready to pack immediately), but maybe by June 1st or so we'll be ready to move. Ahhh. . . ready to move to a bit bigger space . . . with an elevator . . . and hot water . . . and a bathtub . . . yippee! The new apartment is in a nice complex with lovely landscaping and places for the girls to play outside, which we don't have right now. We are excited about it!

As well, major progress is being made with Chloe and her potty training this week! She is now getting very skilled at releasing almost as soon as she sits down on the potty, without trying to stand up or cry about it--two of her previously most distressing problems. She has even shown some great initiative in taking herself to the potty several times in the past few days. I am so thankful for this, since we are about to be in a lot of transition and I wanted her to make as much progress as possible while we were still home. PTL for small miracles!

So we'll see what next week brings. Exciting times are just around the corner!


erica w said...

Aww Rachel... I hope that Monday comes soon for you! And that after you have relaxed in your seaside city for a short time, your little girl will join the family! We can't wait to hear the news.

My one warning... CAREFUL WITH THE MASSAGES!! That is what finally triggered my labor with Nate. And my in-laws sent me to get a massage so that I would go into labor. 'Supposedly' there are certain pressure points that can help to trigger contractions. I started having regular contractions very soon after my massage and he was born the next day.

Just wanted to give you a heads up! :)

Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to you to know that we are thinking of you! I hope that all goes well, and the anxiety will stay at bay. You know where to cast it! I know those last weeks of waiting can be tedious. I've been started with 3 of our 5 because of being overdue. I've almost come to expect to go over. Sounds like things are going really well with Chloe's training. It's so nice to not have to deal with diapers or buy them for that matter, although, I don't think you'll get much reprieve(sp?) from them with Wind #3 due very soon. I'll second the previous post about the massage, I've read similar things. Although your friend's advice to drink water(lots) and take it easy was right on. I've read that dehydration can cause preterm labor, or atleast contribute to it. Braxton hicks can also come earlier and with more intensity with each child you have. But like you said, you'll know when they move from BH to the real deal. I look at them as just that many fewer I have to have during the real labor and delivery. Hang in there and use your energy wisely. Is. 40.11, P. 127

SingerMamaMelody said...

Hey Rach :) I'm so excited about your new baby coming!!! Kristi was born at 36 weeks and 5 days, so even if you go into labor now, your baby will most likely be okay! I remember feeling pretty good about being close enough to 37 weeks with her when she was born. I hope your little one stays in the oven as long as necessary! We're thinking of you and asking for peace and protection for you...

Sandra said...

Hey Rachel! Hang in there girl. What a great Hubs! (though when I was pregnant I was scared to get a massage because a book I had said it could trigger an early labor) Anyway, congrats on your new apartment. We can't wait for a bloggy tour of home! & big congrats to Chloe for her potty success.