Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Very Last One!

Some of you may remember all of the trouble we experienced in the States last year over the issue of Clara Anne's positive PPD test (the skin test that tests for tuberculosis). We suspected that it was positive because of the live vaccine (the BCG) that she had received at birth against TB. However, doctors in the States wanted to err on the cautious side, in case she really did have TB. So, after her positive skin test we had to go through a lot of rigamarole getting her a lung x-ray, then despite the fact that the x-ray was clear, it was still recommended that she take a course of antibiotics to make sure her system was clear. The catch? The antibiotics were a twice a day event, for 9 months!

Clara Anne quickly caught on to swallowing the small pills and was a trooper about taking them every day. After a while, she would often remind us if we forgot to give it to her! But I'm happy to say that on Friday, July 18, (my birthday), Clara Anne started off the morning with her very last pill. Hallelujah! We are ALL glad that the medicine is finally finished!

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Sandra said...

I know you guys are glad that is over! I hope our little guy does not have to go through this. He had the BCG as well. Yikes.