Thursday, October 16, 2008

Testimony time

I learned early this week of a testimony from a friend who had attended our Saturday night meeting, and it encouraged me so much I had to share it with you!

Our meeting went very well, despite myself. I will say that in the afternoon I was a wreck. I know there is a Battle going on, and I certainly felt it that afternoon. I felt so discouraged, so unprepared, and so unworthy to teach this class which it seemed would end up being more about a woman's role than just a house-keeping class. John tried to comfort and encourage me, and all I could see was the pressure of the clock, the needs of the children, and my own disordered spiritual state. Finally, I had a moment to sit down and take some time with Father as well as prepare, and--I'm not kidding--three minutes later, Christin was awake and asking for her next feeding. I share all of this not to incite pity but to say how all-sufficient and merciful our Father is, for, despite the fact that my daily duties did not ease (John had guests on Saturday afternoon and so he was occupied and couldn't help with extra things), I was able to stop crying, gather my thoughts, plead with Father in prayer and finally come to a place of quietness and rest, trusting Him.

And of course He is faithful! We had a wonderful turnout and great discussion. My fears about not being able to express myself in the local language were assuaged, and it seemed that everyone talked and shared freely. We began by looking at what the woman's role is, according to the Word, and why she is responsible for the management of the home, even if she also works outside the home. It was a blessing to talk through these things with fellow sisters!

One particular sister came to the study with that very question: why, when both she and her husband work outside of the home, does she need to come home and cook, clean, and do the laundry while he sits on the couch and watches TV or plays games on the internet. In the past it was hard for her to understand this and she felt it was unfair. She would often scold him for being lazy or get angry with him, telling him to get up and help her, complaining that she was tired too. If we're honest, ladies, perhaps we have all been there!

Anyway, she sat and listened on Saturday night. Didn't say much, but was just quietly listening. However, when she went home, she had a changed attitude. On Sunday, she was bustling about their home, cleaning, organizing, and getting things done with a markedly different cheerful heart. Her husband, impressed with how hard and cheerfully she was working, offered to help her. (!) She said, "No, no, you just rest. I'll take care of this." He was so impressed with that, he again reiterated what a hard worker she was and later that day, when they were out running an errand together, he offered to take her out for lunch, which she happily accepted. They hadn't had a "date" like this together for a long, long time. Wow! What a difference! Instead of complaining or scolding him, she did her work--her responsibility--cheerfully, and her husband was so pleased, lots of other good things happened! What a blessing!

I was so encouraged when I heard this, and I hope you will be too. This brief example shows me again what good things happen when I choose to obey His plans with a happy and thankful heart. Be encouraged, wives! Your work is that of serving Him by serving your husbands and families. It is vital work and when done well, it brings glory to our Father. Blessings to you as you do housework, shop for groceries, read to your children, and change diapers for His glory!

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