Sunday, November 09, 2008

Results were tallied . . .and eaten!

Here's a few pics from our fun election day voting! The choices were: Pizza, Mac-n-Cheese, or Biscuits and Eggs for a main dish, Sprite, Hot Chocolate, or Juice for a drink, and Pudding or Cookies for Dessert.

After a brief explanation by Mommy, Clara Anne was our first voter (yes, she is wearing her Disney jammy dress and her princess crown!). We did not attempt to do individual ballots, so it wasn't a private vote this time. She carefully drew a check-mark in the box of her choices. Chloe was next, as Christin watched. Her check-marks were a bit more squiggly, but clear nonetheless (thank goodness, no "hanging chads" in this election!).

Even Lou got in on the fun since we figured she had a stake in the election--whatever was chosen she would end up doing a lot of the prep for it! I explained to her the choices, though when she got to the drinks category, she couldn't remember which one was which, so she just voted for what everybody else voted for!Here's the final tally: Pizza (homemade) edged out Mac-n-Cheese by a vote of three to two, whereas Sprite won an overwhelming victory with a vote of four to one. We had a bit of ballot spoiling since Chloe found the marker later and thought she'd add another check-mark to the hot chocolate vote! The race between pudding and cookies was also close, but pudding came out on top with a vote of three to two.

This was a really fun activity to do with my girls! Clara was initially sad that none of her choices won, but seemed to enjoy the pizza anyway. :) We discussed how everyone's vote made a difference, and if one person had voted another way on an item we would have been eating different things that night. Christin didn't get to vote and was served her usual supper of rice cereal and pureed pumpkin anyway. Shucks. But the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed our pizza, sprite and pudding and I hope that the girls learned something along the way as well!

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