Tuesday, November 04, 2008


With Election Day upon us, I just wanted to post a friendly reminder to all of you in America to get out and vote! It is truly a privilege to have a say in the democratic process; we realize it all the more after being in this country where the common person has absolutely no influence on the political system. So all you Americans, be thankful that you can exercise your rights and take the time to cast your vote in this important election!

The girls and I are going to have a little mock election to help them understand what it means to vote for something--but we're going to be voting for dinner! I thought it would be fun for them to get to "have their say" and perhaps try to convince one another why they should vote for a certain item. No explanations of the electoral college here--it's a popular vote only! If it's a tie, Mommy will break it. I'll take some pictures of our activity and post them later this week!


Anonymous said...

How does voting work for you, being expatriates? Do you still get to vote, just absentee, since you are still American citizens?

Rachel said...

Yes, we can still vote, just absentee. However, this year, I'm sorry to say that after requesting our ballots MONTHS in advance we were sent a school board ballot and nothing else. When we called to check up on the situation we were assured that the ballots were "on their way." They never arrived. We don't know why, since other things sent from the States arrived quickly. So, we were not able to vote in this election, I'm sorry to say.