Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Acquainted with Christin

My recent trip to the States afforded a wonderful opportunity for my family to do what all my Asian friends have already done, long ago: Meet Christin! It was slightly ironic that many random strangers have met my daughter and my family members had not, yet. But that all changed when I flew back, and wow, am I thankful for that time together! My parents had not anticipated meeting Christin until we returned next year for a planned time in the States, and by then she would have almost been two years old. So this was truly a divine opportunity and I cherished each moment of watching Christin interact with my family members!

The night we arrived back at my parent's house, my mom was up waiting for us despite the fact that we walked in the door about midnight. Though we were tired, Christin found some new energy when she saw the toys that Grandma had gotten ready for her!
Smiles on both faces!
You can tell my mom didn't mind at all staying up late to welcome us in!
My dad and I drove the next day to Missouri, where my Grandma was living, and stayed with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Dave. Here Christin is getting a little snuggle time with Grandpa after breakfast! Dad and I worked out a system. Whenever we would arrive somewhere in the car, he would get out, open my door and wait for me to unbuckle Christin and hand her to him. Then he would carry her while I gathered my purse and camera. Christin got used to this new system really quickly and after a few times was going willingly to Grandpa on arrival somewhere. I don't think Grandpa minded a bit, and it sure was helpful to me!
My dad and I had a tradition growing up of him taking me (or my brothers individually) out for breakfast each Saturday morning. I was always so excited for those Saturdays that I got to go with him, even though it meant that I had to get up earlier than usual. There was something so special about having Daddy-daughter time. Though I can't remember any significant conversations or "turning points" happening on a Saturday morning, it was just a great time of being together and enjoying a meal out--fairly rare in my growing up years. Anyway, we were able to continue this tradition by eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel on our way back to Iowa. Christin ate a TON! She ate almost all of my cinnamon apples, a big portion of my hash brown casserole, some egg, some biscuits and gravy, even sampled my sausage. I think she is now a fan of Cracker Barrel and breakfast out!

We then returned to Iowa, where Christin got acquainted with more family members . . . Grandma Ann, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Mark and Auntie Beth, and cousins Marin and Annika!

To be continued tomorrow . . .

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SingerMamaMelody said...

I'm so sorry that you lost your grandma. That's so precious that you were able to come back with Christin. I'll be praying for you.