Tuesday, May 05, 2009

An Unexpected Trip

Tomorrow morning I am leaving, with Christin, on a quick trip back to the US. I know, I know, I am almost as surprised as you. But in the last few months my last remaining grandparent, my dad's mother, has been declining in health and now her health situation is not looking good at all. After discussing things with John, we decided it would be worth the time and expense for me to travel back to see my Grandma, probably for the last time on this earth.

At this moment, my feelings are somewhere between nervous (to be traveling alone), excited (to see my family and just to be in America), sad (to think of my Grandma being near the end of her life), and somber, wanting to respect and honor my Grandma for her long life and persevering faith.

All of the details are arranged, and my time will be very full since I will only be back for one week, a big part of which I am spending with my Grandma. My parents are excited to meet Christin for the first time, and hopefully the jet lag will pass quickly or be nonexistent so we can fully enjoy our brief time back.

If you think of it, I'd appreciate any prayers you might lift up for me and Christin. I have four flights there, four flights home, and they are through some airports that I am not as familiar with. As well, of course, it will be me alone with Christin on the way so that will be interesting (read: exhausting). Hopefully she'll be doing a lot of this, even though she won't be in her comfy bed:

So thanks for your prayers. Trusting Him for a safe and meaningful trip!


Erica W said...

Praying for you sister! I hope that this trip is a big blessing and you are able to have some special time with your Grandma...
Big hugs!!!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Erica took my words... we will pray too for a safe trip and for special times with Grandma.

sandra said...

Hugs friend. Big hugs.

The Culbertsons said...

We are praying for you Rachel. What a blessing to have time with your Grandma.

Gretchen said...

Rachel! I will be praying for you. Right now I am in Ohio for my grandpa's funeral. I know I am so blessed to not have to drive far to be here for the occasion, and gather together with the family. I hope your time with family is as richly blessed as ours has been.


Gretchen said...


We heard an update from John and Sarah's trip last night. So good to see pics of you guys! It made me want to travel right over!

We went home and ordered take out and had prayer for you all. Love you guys!