Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Getting Acquainted, Part 2

Only 10 days later (ha!), I am finally posting the other pictures of Christin getting acquainted with family members in the States. Sorry for the long wait--Good intentions were met with busy times. Without further ado, take a look at these adorable pics!

The one above is Christin with her Auntie Sarah, John's twin. Christin had never felt grass on her toes before and refused to stand on it. She was happy to sit outside, though, and pick the violets that were growing in my mom's garden! We enjoyed some beautiful weather while we were in Iowa--gorgeous clear skies, green grass, sunshine--ahhhhhh!
Supper on the deck always tastes better than inside at the table. It didn't take long for Christin to figure out that Auntie Sarah had a bowlful of strawberry jello!
Jello mouth!Grandpa and Grandma, and Grandma Ann and Sarah, were delighted that Christin took her first steps while we were in the States! I think it was that lovely, cushy carpet (unknown on our side of the world!) that made her feel comfortable enough to finally strike out on her own! We all enjoyed watching her take tentative steps across my parents' living room floor!My brother Mark and SIL Beth and their girls, Marin and Annika, came to my parents' home to visit as well. I so appreciated them taking the time to visit! Auntie Beth and Christin got to know each other a bit!Fun with Grandma Ann!The Wind ladies posed in the backyard. It was a beautiful day!A little cuddle time before Grandma Ann and Auntie Sarah had to leave.I love this picture. Christin looks perfectly comfortable on Grandpa's lap and is giving her classic Christin look, that sort of knowing smirky look which says "I'm not going to smile for you! I'm keeping my cards close to my vest!"Marin and Annika had such fun walking with Christin! Cousin love!And then, just like that, we are already to the last pictures of Christin with family. The night before we left, I couldn't bear to put Christin to bed. She was happy to walk around and around my parents' living room, hugging her bunny blanket and cuddling with Grandpa and Grandma occasionally. At that point, I figured, who cares about sleep! It was time spent together that really mattered. Above, Grandma and Christin get in some last minute cuddling.

And then, here we are. My flight left at 7am; we wanted to be at the airport by 5:30, with an hour drive time that meant my alarm was set for the very uncivilized hour of 3:45. Wow, the week in America flew by! At the risk of sounding repetitive, I just have to say again how thankful I am that I was able to return, see my Grandma, and let my family get acquainted with Christin. It was only an hour later the morning that I left that my Grandma passed away; I am still marveling at the timing of everything. Truly the Lord had everything worked out perfectly! What a trip!

PS Many people asked me how long it took. . . and the answer is, door-to-door, 28 hours. I left my house at 9am on a Wednesday, arriving at my parent's home at midnight that same day, plus 13 hours of time difference (to my body it felt like 1pm the next day). I took four flights there and four flights back, flying a new route through Seattle on a smaller airline which was cheaper than the bigger airlines. Christin did really well through the traveling and cried very little despite extreme tiredness. We were both glad to be home (in Asia) after that long 28 hours back! So even though that sounds like a long time, on the other hand, think--only 28 hours and I left my house and arrived at my parents', halfway across the world! Times surely have changed from back when people had to take boats that took months to get across the ocean, sometimes not even arriving because of illness without medical care, storms at sea, etc. So my 28 hours wasn't bad at all!

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Gretchen said...


My heart is so warmed to see those pictures of your family with your precious girl. There is just something so special about those moments. I am SO GLAD you were able to see your grandma before she passed away. I have a sweet memory with my grandpa this spring the last time I saw him before he passed away, singing hymns together for a long time. The Lord is so good to give us those opportunities.

I've just been much more sentimental lately. :) But this was such a sweet post.

Sending love across the world!