Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Christin's Birthday, In Pictures!

Yesterday we celebrated one wonderful year of Christin's life! I can hardly believe a year has passed already!! We are so blessed to have sweet Christin in our family. Here's a (rather comprehensive, thanks to our new camera!) look at her birthday.

We began the day with blueberry pancakes. These were made possible thanks to a can of imported blueberries! It's always fun to dip into the import stash for special occasions! Christin thought so too--she ate two full pancakes, as much as John!

Clara Anne loves blueberry anything, and looks a little too excited in this photo!

Mommy ate her pancakes in the kitchen. . . the trouble with pancakes is that someone has to be making them as others are eating them! That's ok, though, I certainly enjoyed mine as well.

"I only have eyes for Daddy, especially when he is singing me a song . . . something about a birthday. What is a birthday?"
Look, Mommy! New Crocs from Auntie (my house helper)! They are much more fun to play with than to put on my feet!

The girls and I went outside later in the day to play. Clara Anne and Chloe have new umbrellas; they insisted on taking the umbrellas with them to shade them from the "hot" sun.

Coy Chloe.

Sweet girls, all three!

Of course, we always attract a crowd. So many little friends to meet!

"Hey Mommy, what ARE you doing with that black thing anyway? It looks interesting. . . "

There's my one year old!

Supper was homemade pizza and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing. We sang happy birthday again and I came out with this candle. Christin wasn't sure what to make of it all, but the other girls sure thought it was fun!

"Ha ha, foiled you again! You can't kiss me, I'm the birthday girl!"

"What IS this stuff anyway?"

Apparently not her favorite. She really didn't eat any of it! Clara Anne ended up swiping it for herself! Christin was more interested in the noisemakers.

Noisemaker fun!

John then favored us with a special event--a rendition of a past recital piece, famously titled "Bake a Cake for Charlie." He did a pretty good job playing an approximation of it!

Desultory applause from a discriminating audience.

And, the ever-exciting BIRTHDAY GIFT! Something else to add to our kitchen/plastic fruits and vegetables/ utensils collection--a new shopping cart! I thought Christin would enjoy standing up and pushing the cart, walking along behind it. Turns out, it's too flimsy. But, once she learns to walk it'll be great! For now she'll just have fun playing with all of the groceries inside!
And there you have it--the day in pictures!
Happy Birthday, Christin! You are a unique part of our family and we love all of your little funny mannerisms--saying "mmm-mm-mm" in your throat as you eat, your strange laugh which is more like a chortle, your coy looks with your lip tucked in, the way you wrinkle up your nose. We are so glad you are our dear Christin Arielle! We pray the Lord will give you many, many more years of life, and may you come to know Him at a young age. We love you, Christin!


sandra said...

Happy Birthday Christin! What beautiful photos Rachel! You really captured the day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures from Christin's special day. What a blessing! Happy Birthday Christin.

Sarah Wind said...

I honestly can NOT believe that John still remembers Bake a Cake for Charlie! My recital piece that year was someting about squirrels, and I can't even remember how the melody went. I do remember the melody for Bake a Cake, so maybe it was just more memorable :)

Happy Birthday, Christin (a little belated - I didn't forget, though).

Love, Aunt Sarah