Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Has Anyone Noticed . . .

That my girls seem to always be wearing their "jammy dresses" in every photo?

Hmmm. I thought so.

It's just not worth the battle to me. We DO get dressed in the morning (in fact I am enjoying getting dressed since I was able to purchase some new-to-me clothing in the States and actually now have some things I am happy to wear that fit me well), but if the girls want to wear their jammies at naptime, I let them. And if they don't manage to get dressed again between naps and supper/bedtime routine because we don't have to go anywhere and no one is coming over, that's fine with me too.

What isn't fine with me is the other habit they tend to fall into: "let's-change-our-clothes-15-times-every-day-and-leave-the-old-ones-on-the-floor" routine. Argh. We're working on that.

I guess someday they'll have to "grow up" and wear something different each day, keeping it on all day. But for now, enjoy the blue Disney jammy dress that is Clara Anne's favorite, and the pink fairy ruffled sleeve jammy dress that is Chloe's favorite; "the one that you buy'd for me in 'Merica" according to Chloe. All too soon, these clothes will be too small, and all I'll have left are the photos of the girls, happily cavorting in their jammy dresses, in every photo.


Sarah said...

I have the same issue with Nathan and Emily. Wanting to change and leave clothes on the floor. At least your girls are wearing something! Nathan would just assume wear his underwear all day everyday and run around in a cape! :) We try to confine the underwear to sleep time and room time only. You won't find me posting too many pictures of him though in his favorite outfit or rather lack there of! :)

sandra said...

Honestly, I never noticed! Of course, they want in their jammy dresses while at home. Don't we all? The girls are at such a sweet age.