Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Will Play for Food

Our recent trip to the capital city included a long visit to a new-to-us indoor kids' play area. John had read favorable reviews online and so we decided to check it out! It was a bit smaller in size than we expected, but had so many varied activities that the girls were happily occupied for literally hours. Christin totally skipped her afternoon nap and played steadily the entire afternoon. Enjoy the pictures of our new fun find! Christin is standing on a waterbed-type contraption that had "fish" and other sea creatures floating in the bottom. The top plastic was sturdy and could be jumped on like a trampoline!

And here she is, at her new hobby--walking. Literally most of the afternoon she just walked. Walked here, walked there. Turned around, walked here again. Endless fun for a one year old!

This coconut tree was actually a set of swings. Christin was fascinated with mastering the small step up. The great part about this place (and one of their selling points) is that they have a lot of staff wandering around, supervising and playing with the kids. So if I was with one of my girls in one area, there were plenty of people making sure that Christin didn't get bonked in the head if someone else decided to swing!

And there she goes again.

Whoa! Around and around she goes! This is her classic Christin walking pose. One arm up, the other at her waist. You can see it in all three of these walking photos!

Chloe loved this big boat that you could turn on and it would rock on the waves back and forth. John, Clara Anne, and Chloe took several overseas adventures in it together during the afternoon!

There was an entire art room with tables and chairs, markers, crayons, and colored pencils set out, as well as a bead table to make necklaces and bracelets, as well as Clara Anne's delight--fiberglass windows and structures with pots of paint and brushes all ready to go. Every so often someone would come through and clean it off, but children could paint to their heart's delight!

Smocks were ready and waiting to be used as well.

The girls had a wonderful time in this kitchen!

There was an area with simple computer games to play, too. Fun!
Clara Anne loved the water/sea area!
There was also an entire climbing/jungle gym area, a ball pit, and John's special favorite--the doctor's office. He was the doctor in residence for the day and I think solved many a malady. The girls thought it was great!
We finally left after four hours, not because the girls were done playing, but because the day was moving on and supper, baths and bed still had to happen. Fun times were had by all! We'll definitely go back if we have the opportunity!

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