Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A few birthday pics

Emphasis on "few."

Funny how that works...over 100 pictures of Christin's birthday, several hundred of Chloe's party, and then Mama's birthday rolls around, and hmmmm, let's see...yes! We have five pictures, three of which are postable! I think it shows who's usually behind the camera!

Anyway, I was "cleaning out" the camera tonight in preparation for a photo shoot with the girls tomorrow (we're going to a local park in their pretty dresses and I'm going to try for some good shots!), and I found these pictures from my birthday. Here's a glimpse of the 33rd!

The lovely cake. It came with this paper crown wrapped around the outside. Why not? Clara Anne was so pleased that she could read the characters written on the top of the cake. Can you? (I bet you can guess what it means!) Remember I said that the candle (included) was more like a torch? Take a look! Had to take a good singer-breath in order to blow that out!
WHAT?!! You're thirty-three????

We had a fun time that evening with our friends--I think everyone wore the crown at some point, and shortly after the cake, the girls and their friend started a jump-fest on the couch. Making memories for sure! And there went the 33rd birthday!


Erica w said...

Oh wow - that candle picture is hilarious! I LOVE IT! I love the massive fire on your table, I love the expressions on the girls faces and I love how in such a motherly way you have your hands in front of the girls protecting them from serious injury! :)

Glad you had a fun day - it was great talking to you!

The Culbertsons said...

I love the picture of the cake and especially the girls' faces! It looked like a fun day and you made wonderful memories.

Happy Birthday (a little late)!


sandra said...

How much do I love Chloe & Clara Anne's expressions while you are blowing out your birthday torch?

So fun! Happy birthday!

Gretchen said...

That candle cracked me up!!!! HAHA!

Happy 33rd. I love how you said "cleaned out the camera" for your photo shoot. I totally do that, too. I love it that you are planning to dress the girls in pretty dresses and take them to the park for a photo shoot. That is presh.