Sunday, July 05, 2009

Party Time!

[Warning: the post below has the most pictures I have ever put in a single post! Sorry about that! I just had so many great pictures to share from Chloe's party and couldn't NOT post them. Proceed at risk of boredom!]

I mentioned previously that John really helped with icing the cake. Here's proof! I was ready to call it quits and he insisted that we could use more cake and make the cake more impressive. I let him take over! Working carefully . . . the cake was so soft and moist that there was almost NO way to keep the crumbs out of the icing. We did the best we could to cover it!
Admiring the finished product.

Chloe was already excited!
The next day. . . here's the table, set for 12! 10 friends plus my two big girls. We just pulled out the coffee table so that parents could sit behind their kids and help out if necessary. It worked great!

At the swimming pool--everyone had fun! It was too humid inside to take many pictures, though.
Clara Anne played some with her friends and some by herself.

This little girl is named (I kid you not) Ping Ping. In fact, the whole doubled name usage is quite common among small children in this country. It's more of a nickname which they usually drop as they grow older. Our party included Ling Ling, Jia Jia, Zhan Zhan, Tian Tian, Tong Tong, Cong Cong, the list goes on. Other than my children, whose Asian names are not doubled, there was only one other little girl who didn't have a doubled name!

Chloe and her cake with the gift bags for the kids in the background. We found some stickers, notepads, and erasers all with verses on them in the local language, and added some candy to make the bags extra fun. Glad for the opportunity to share a bit!

The ladies congregated in the kitchen, as usual. Though my kitchen is small, it always seems that when we have a group here there are lots of people hanging out in the kitchen!

This is a sweet friend, with her son--the only boy who attended. He didn't seem to mind at all that he was with a bunch of girls! He and John had lots of fun playing games in the pool together.

Getting the kids seated. Can you see my blonde-headed girls?

Even Christin got to wear a princess crown! I talked a bit before we cut the cake how those who believe in Him are TRUE princesses--daughters of the King!

This is my great friend and former house helper, Mimi, with her husband. PingPing is their daughter. Putting it all together yet?

Here they are together, enjoying the pizza!

My helper, Lou, (wearing my old Starbucks apron, of course), and another good friend of ours. Singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out the candles!

Two of Clara Anne's good friends from kindergarten.
More gifts! This is the part of the party I wish we could have skipped. I wanted to tell the parents NOT to bring a gift, but Lou felt if I were to say that it would be seen as a subtle reminder TO bring a gift. But we didn't have the party in order to get a bunch of gifts. Know what I mean? She already got several gifts for her birthday, truly didn't need anything else, but . . . . oh well, she got a bunch more! Of course she thought it was great!

Excitement over a new dress-up doll! This picture was too funny not to post!

Ling Ling with his gift bag. (the bags came from America, by the way.)

Chloe and Mommy, three years later. I'll never forget your birth, Chloe Rachelle! I had two weeks of prelabor contraction, one false alarm at the hospital, and finally, right as all of Thailand was watching the World Cup, you decided it was time to be born. Then it went fast and we were only at the hospital about 3 hours before you were born! As soon as you were out, the Thai doctor exclaimed, "Wah! Big Baby!" And you were--9 pounds 13 oz, much bigger than those tiny Thai babies he was used to seeing. You were pink all over and healthy, and since things went so well we went home that afternoon, less than 12 hours after you were born. We were so glad to have you join our family, and Clara Anne called you "Ko-Ko" since she couldn't pronounce your name. We love you, Chloe!
Partying Prince and Princesses, minus Christin who already went down for her nap. Happy Birthday Chloe!
I promise, this has been the last post about Chloe's birthday! But thanks for joining us vicariously as we celebrated!


sandra said...

I soaked in every single one of your pictures! They were so fun! Please don't apologize for sharing so many great photos.

I know what you mean about having people bring too many birthday presents. My biggest fear is the red envelope! So I don't know if this is best, but, when I pass out the invitation, I generally say something like, "In our culture, we don't give red envelopes. If you want to give a small gift - like less than 10 local dollars - that would be ok."

I feel like our little guy gets it all at once (much like Clara Anne) since Christmas and birthday are in December - just 5 days apart!

We always try to give a great party favor too!

Gretchen said...

"Co-co" sounds like Chloe used to have a little double name! I love it, it makes sense! I am a nickname junkie, and call my child anything under the moon that sounds cute, even if it has nothing to do with her name. :) She was Boo Boo the other day. It just popped out. :)