Sunday, September 06, 2009

Disney Day

Our trip to Hong Kong wouldn't have been complete without a trip to Disneyland. We love Disneyland! Despite the fact that there were TONS of people there the day we were there, we really enjoyed our day and milked it for all it was worth...arriving about 9:15 am for the park opening at 10am, and then stayed the entire day until closing. I think we left about 9:30pm! Everybody did great and we have had even more fun talking about it after we came home! Here's some picture highlights:
The princesses, of course, were first on the list, and even though my girls were a bit shy, the princesses were all SO sweet to them and chatted with them, even throwing them little kisses and waves as they left. The girls were a bit awestruck!
The carousel, always a favorite! I loved Chloe's smile in this one!

Near the teacups, we took the opportunity to take some photos in the play teacup. The girls loved this!

Glee! Jubilation! Stickers all over our clothes!

Happiness times three.

Lovely Clara Anne, four and a half years old.

Sister silliness!

I thought this was a funny picture with all the action involved!

Mama and daughter. Christin, 15 months old.

The W ladies. We played here so long (obviously) that the girls were pretending the teacup was their house! Seems like any occasion is a good excuse to play house.

Later in the day, the girls insisted that they wanted to stand in the line to greet Minnie. They were WAY more excited to see her than the princesses! They hugged and kissed her and everything!

And here we are, tired, sweaty, and still smiling after a long, fun day. Don't you love the subway with the special Mickey ears windows? I have to say again how I am so impressed with the whole Disney experience. The park is beautifully landscaped, clean, and the staff really go out of their way to make the day special, especially for kids. We loved it!
Favorites this year (according to the girls): The Lion King Show! They were both totally enthralled. As well, meeting Minnie. Clara Anne also loved "It's a Small World" and would have happily done it five more times if we weren't already on our way to another show.
Favorites this year (according to Mom and Dad): Doing Space Mountain in the single rider lane, NO wait! Also, the timing worked out so that we watched the Waterworks Parade from the air-conditioned, seated comfort of our lunch restaurant window! On the downside, we couldn't find the frozen coke stand this year...bummer! The beautiful fireworks are also always a highlight.
Bye for now, Disneyland! We'll see time!

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Liz said...

Okay. That does it. I will be talking to Chris about planning a vacation to Hong Kong for serious. It will take a few years but we will get there.
I believed you when you wrote about the people taking pictures of your blondies but I can't believe how close they get!
Hope to see you soon! ;) (Or in a few years.)