Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Professional Pictures, Finally

Remember the hare-brained "Pictures in the Park" that turned into "Pictures at the Photo Studio?" Well, after all this time, I finally got them back!

Since ostensibly the pictures were to mark Chloe's third birthday, let's see a few of that sweet three-year old, ok? I thought these turned out so fun, and with little to none of her usual fake-smile-nose-scrunching that she likes to pull out when the camera arrives on the scene.
I love this one of her dancing!

Next up--some other frilly pink girls. Christin wasn't in the best mood that day, but we managed to get a few smiles! Her hair is finally getting longer--it sometimes curls out from her ears in an adorable fashion!

And here's these two silly, frilly girls. Laughing away!

Clara Anne Danielle, 4.5, Chloe Rachelle, 3, and Christin Arielle, 14 months.

Here's sweet Christin, dressed in a princess dress from the studio. The blue-gray suited her eyes, I think!

Walking as quickly as she could away from the camera! (Don't mind that speck of lint on the camera lens. You're going to see it a few more times. If I was better at photoshop, it would already be gone!)

Can you get much more queenly than this? This is SO Clara Anne--her personality is showing in a big way here!

Here's princess Chloe and . . . a green apple. Hmmmm. They snuck that one past me! (If you've seen my professional photos from this studio before, you know that they always try to put cheesy props in the photos! The Christmas family pictures we took last year had a certain stuffed bear who showed up in nearly every photo!)

This was Clara Anne's absolute favorite. She loved taking the photo, she loved posing on the swing, and she was so excited that I chose it as one of our take-home photos. She's as dreamy as they come!

Sparkling sisters with beautiful smiles. Don't you love their little crowns?

I loved the sweet expressions on their faces in this one. Perhaps they're confiding their dreams to each other.

And one more of all three of them. . . Christin wasn't too happy, and didn't like the instability of the swing, but we made it work.
So, I'm not sorry I had the photos taken that day! One day we'll look back and treasure these sweet shots of special girls.


Ethan said...

Oh my. what wonderful pictures. With how much my girl loves pictures, loves dresses, and loves your girls...she may never leave your blog site :)

Thanks for sharing!!

Teesa said...

Aww, that's beautiful. You have gorgeous kiddos.

sandra said...

I am just loving Clara Anne's long hair. I didn't realize how long it was until these photos! Wow. I bet the girls did love dressing up in the princess dresses. Great photos!

Kellie said...

How Precious! I love them - the girls really seemed to enjoy it too (once they got inside - huh?) Rachel always tends to have the cars and blocks - instead of the princess stuff - but she is coming along with the shoes and the purses. Fun days - thanks for sharing the pictures!