Monday, December 28, 2009

Parties with a Purpose

We've been so thankful for the oppotunity to have lots of Christmas parties this year. Yes, it's been a little hectic, and yes, I'm thankful that we're finished, but we were able to do lots of entertaining and it's been really fun! Can I just say again how thankful I am for my house helper, who has done scads of dishes this week? Three cheers for Lou!

This picture is from the night of the party for my lady friends. I thought I didn't get a picture of the brownie, strawberry and white chocolate Christmas hats, but John snapped a picture before I even left the kitchen! Yum. They tasted as good as they looked! Some little friends enjoyed trying out the piano. The great thing was that my upstairs neighbor and my downstairs neighbor were both at the party, so no worries about the noise level!
I heard from a couple of ladies later that they really had fun. One even said she was so excited afterwards about the party and our upcoming study that she couldn't get to sleep that night! How do you like my girls' outfits? These traditional style clothes (meant to be worn with pants or leggings, of course!) were a gift that night.
This is part of a group of friends who came over the next night for loaded baked potatoes, Christmas cookies, and chai tea. We enjoyed getting to know them.
As usual, there always seems to be some congregating in the (tiny) kitchen. My kitchen has about two feet of walking width. But I love it! Every bit of space in my well-designed kitchen is usable. (John did the designing.) These friends were very interested in our magnet collection from all over the world.
They also really enjoyed the gifts they received! We sang some Christmas carols together, too.
The group picture.
It's been a full and busy Christmas, but also a very meaningful one. Pictures from our family Christmas and Clara Anne's birthday coming soon . . .


Kristie said...

You always take the best pictures! I love your hair. I am so glad that your parties went well and you were able to share with so many! Here in Iowa we were stuck in a big blizzard. The most snow this Kentucky girl has ever seen! It was fun!!! Merry Christmas!

sandra said...

Yes we love them.
Yes we're glad they're finished.

Thinking of Clara Anne and hoping she had a special birthday!