Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snowy Day!

I found these pictures in my files and realized I had never posted them from several (many!) weeks ago when we found ourselves in a snowstorm in the capital city. That was the same day my mother-in-law sat on a plane for 9 hours, waiting to fly back to America, and finally ended up staying overnight and leaving late the next day. Yikes. But the snow was surely pretty! Fluffy, white, wet enough to pack and was lovely!

We had planned to meet our friend Becky (who came to the big city to shop for furniture) at a Starbucks at 11 that morning. After Chloe drained her kid's hot chocolate basically in one long, slow, blissful drink, she put her cup to other uses: Yes, they are "harvesting" snow outside and bringing it in to pack in our mugs. Or, why not just bring our mugs outside? It will be more efficient! And of course we're all about efficiency...
I only had fall jackets for the girls; what a surprise to wake up and see the snow! It didn't stop them from creating snow creatures-in-a-mug, though.

Could there be anything better than watching a beautiful snowfall from inside toasty warm Starbucks, with a cup of joe steaming in your hands? (Actually it was a decaf caramel macchiato with extra foam. Yummmmm.)
Clara Anne and Becky worked on the sculpture-in-a-mug while John helped Chloe talk to Auntie Beth in the States (calling family to update them on my MIL's situation.)

Voila! May I present Snow Bunny, Snow Bear, and Snow Kitten?
We love Auntie Becky, especially when she happily plays in the snow with us!
We tried for a girls' picture, me holding both girls (that's 70 pounds of child right there!) a bit awkwardly, but what a lovely background!
Pretty Clara Anne!
Cute Chloe!
What a fun time we had playing in the snow! Snowy day, come again!
PS: We found out later that the snowstorm was courtesy of the government's "Office of Weather Management." There was a weather front headed towards the northwest of this country, where there has been a terrible drought. So the government seeded the clouds, intending to send some precipitation their way. Unfortunately the weather changed, the front changed directions, and dumped it all on the capital city instead! Oops! Good thing I didn't let the girls eat the was chemically induced!

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