Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Off to School (not quite)

On school (kindergarten) mornings around our house, there's a curious phenomena that takes place. Clara Anne and Chloe drag their heels, eat as slowly as they can, protest having their hair combed, and things like this because they insist they don't want to go out (in the cold); they'd rather stay at home. Christin, on the other hand, gets very excited when anyone is ready to go anywhere. She's ready to get her coat on and go out the door, despite the fact that she's still wearing her feetie pajamas!

But look. . . she's ready to go! "See you later Mama!"
"Oops, maybe I forgot something. I'd better go back and look for it. "
"Well, maybe I'll stay home after all. I do love my morning nap in the dark bathroom. Plus, it's cozier to keep my jammies on a little longer. I guess I'll wait a bit longer to go off to school."
In related news, recently as I was biking home from school with Chloe strapped to my back in the Ergo and Clara Anne riding in the bike seat, Clara Anne shouted up to me (shouting is necessary due to the noisy traffic on the street): "Mommy, what are you going to do when Christin has to go to you'er yuan (kindergarten) too? How will you carry us all?" I told her that honestly, I wasn't sure, but that we would work something out when the time came. Not for awhile, I hope! Clara Anne and Chloe didn't start kindergarten until they were 3 and a half, so we'll be waiting a bit longer with Christin. No rush!
Speaking of school, the girls and I are studying Mozart today. Time to pop in "The Marriage of Figaro" and do a little dancing!

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mckanna said...

funny stuff! it's the same way at our house. my two oldest kiddos are in a local school while the youngest is at home. she would love to be heading out the door and they are dragging their feet!