Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family, October 2010

This picture was taken during our staycation, on an outing to the zoo. The zoo in our city has had some improvements made in the last year or two and was surprisingly nice to visit this time! Several of the animal areas were newly redone and there is a lot of green space, walking paths, and open areas. Here, the girls had fun pretending they were riding Aslan! October 2010: Clara Anne, 5 years 9 months, Chloe, 4 years 3 months, and Christin, 2 years 6 months.

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sandra said...

Whenever I write out the kids ages... 3 years 9 months, 1 year 4 months, etc. I kind of want to add the months to my own age. Sandra 34 years 10 months.

Or when it's Hubs birthday I always want to write, "Hubs is 420 months old!"