Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

One of the activities we wanted to do on our staycation was to go fly a kite! We had bought a kite when we were in a nearby city waiting for Christin to be born, 2.5 years ago, and I don't know if we've flown it since then! So it was time to try it again. We took the kite to an open city square in order to have plenty of space. It was a regular workweek for most people, so the space was delightfully empty! Christin insisted on wearing her sunglasses. I remember when the outfit she's wearing fit Clara Anne! Oh my, where does the time go! John is unfurling the kite behind her.
We're hip! And cool! . . . well, sort of. I sort of think Christin looks like a Mary Kay consultant in that pink "suit." Funny girl!
There was great anticipation as Daddy got it all ready to go.

Hold on, girls! Get ready, get set. . .

The day was a bit smoggy, as you can see from this picture, though by our standards this is a fairly clear day. But, the wind didn't cooperate! Every time John got the kite up, it would only stay up if he ran around with it. The breeze just wasn't quite strong enough. But that was fine, since it's the getting it up that's the fun part!
Running after the kite as it floats up into the sky was great fun and good exercise! The girls ran all over and had a great time. It's fun to fly a kite!

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