Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday (The Week in Review)

It's just after 9pm in our corner of the world, and the house is dark and quiet. Little girls have been settled in their beds, with cozy blankets and freshly-brushed teeth, clutching treasured items. The bedtime routine was followed precisely, down to the order in which kisses were given, the way the prayers were said, and the final words whispered before the door was closed. As I sit in my comfy chair, the clock, its sound loud in the stillness, is ticking with reassuring regularity, marking the passage of time. Another day, at the end of another week, is almost done.

It's been a good week at our home, though we have all been struggling with some sickness. Fall tends to bring congestion and cold symptoms with it as the weather changes. Everybody has been coughing and blowing noses this week! Thankfully though, no one has been seriously ill and so we've been drinking plenty of water and orange juice, getting extra rest, and taking things just a bit easy.

Home schooling was a real highlight this week for us. More and more, we are finding a good rhythm as a home school family. We are figuring out how to keep everyone involved when they are supposed to be involved and separating children/activities when they need to be separated. We did two very fun fall crafts this week: decorating pumpkins with glitter swirly designs (could there be anything more fun than glue and glitter on a pumpkin!), and making caramel apples today. We had a lovely time with both activities and I am thankful for the freedom and flexibility that home schooling allows me--even as we get established in a good rhythm it's great to be able to add in activities where we like!

The girls also seem to be enjoying school more. That is a wonderful blessing for me since that means their motivation to "do school" is higher and there are less struggles to get going in the morning. Chloe and Christin seem to want to participate in a lot of Clara Anne's activities, so I do my best to help them feel part of things in an age-appropriate way.

This past Tuesday, my friend Becky and I threw a baby shower for a friend who is about to welcome her baby into the world. My living room was packed full and definitely met the Asian standard of "hot and noisy." (It's their ideal when it comes to parties, celebrations, even dinner--if there's lots of people and they're all talking loudly, so much the better! Means everyone's having fun!) We ate cake, oohed and ahhed over a cute diaper cake Becky made, and had so much fun playing some games. The party was a big hit! Several friends said they had never been to such a fun party. It was a special blessing to share this with our friend and pray for her as she gets ready to have her baby.

Thursday morning I had to take Clara Anne and Christin to have a blood test done. Our American doctor, in looking at the results of their tests done last February, was concerned that both of them were borderline anemic. So he wanted us to do iron supplements for awhile and then retest. Though I wasn't sure exactly what I was doing, I managed to communicate what we needed and were in and out of the clinic in 30 minutes. Hopefully the results will show that there are no issues that need dealing with now.

We've had cool temperatures all week but the skies have been mostly sunny, what a huge blessing that is! I never take blue sky for granted any more! It's a blessing that we've seen so much of it this week.

Highlight of the week from Clara Anne: Christin was coughing and coughing one night so Clara Anne came into my room with Christin in tow to wake me and have me take care of her. I thought that was a very mature, big-sisterly thing to do! Clara Anne has also been leading the way in Scripture memory these days. She usually has hers down by the second day of practicing it!

from Chloe: Chloe is leading the "Blessing Points" chart that we have on the wall. Whenever a child does something remarkably wonderful--whether it be thoughtfully helping Mama without asking, being particularly diligent at a task, or having a cheerful heart in a difficult circumstance, that child gets a point. The points can be redeemed for such things as staying up 30 minutes late, choosing a special dessert, going with Mommy to get fingernails painted, those kinds of things. Chloe's been in the lead now for numerous weeks and keeps on getting more points, particularly for diligence in cleaning up toys. This used to be an area of struggle for her, so we praise the Lord for growth and change!

from Christin: Christin's word this week has been "really." For example: "I really want to play with the dolls, Mommy. " Or, "Mama, I really need you." She's so intent and serious when she says it, too! Lou managed to french braid her extremely fine hair today, it's darling. She's growing so quickly! Someone took my baby and replaced her with a little girl!

Speaking of those little girls, they are sleeping peacefully and it's time for me to do the same. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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erica said...

So glad you had a good week! Ours was about the same! And here I am, same time as you, sitting in my comfy chair checking blogs and emails!
So take some pictures of that blessings chart. That sounds like a fabulous thing for our home!
Thanks for sharing your great ideas!!!

Have a wonderful weekend friend!