Monday, March 07, 2011

Land of Smiles

 Want to visit the Land of Smiles with us?  Let's go to Thailand!  Yippee!

 So fun to be on a special trip together, Mommy and daughter!
 Clara Anne made her own fun in the airport.
 We're having fun already!
 This little girl has done a ton of traveling!  She's so easy to travel with, especially now that she can manage her own carry-on luggage.  She's (literally) a world traveler.
 A stop for a Caramel Frappucino in the airport held us over til lunch.
 I love to fly Thai airways.  They have excellent service, good food, and even give orchids to the ladies upon arrival!
 We had to stay one night in Bangkok in order to get to the homeschool conference on time the next day.  So, I made reservations at the Rama Gardens...our favorite BKK hotel!  It's a beautiful hotel with a lot of gardens and green space, a wonderful breakfast and gorgeous pool.  We have lots of family memories at the Rama and were glad to spend one more night there!  Clara Anne obviously enjoyed the fabulous breakfast, too!

 Our traditionally-dressed Thai waitress was glad to pose for a picture.  Clara Anne loved her beautiful outfit!
 Let's hit the pool!  What a great idea!

 I got to do a little of this too!  Ahhh...
 Pink taxis are everywhere in Bangkok!
 Clara Anne made a friend already on the trip up to the resort where the conference was held.
 Pink padded ceilings, blue curtains, don't you love the tour bus style in Thailand?
 More new friends!
 The setting for the conference was beautiful.  Lovely!

 And full of wildlife...I saw more snails, squirrels, birds, bugs, and unfortunately mosquitos who got Clara Anne the first night during the night.  Her eye swelled up and she looked like she'd gone a few rounds in the ring, poor girl!
 On the way back, we left early in the morning.  Clara Anne and Alex both fell asleep quickly!
 This new package of play-doh occupied Clara Anne for a good 90 minutes on the way home!
 While I enjoyed a Thai diet coke and the current issue of the Economist.  I don't really understand economics, but I was trying to exercise my brain!
 Love this sweet girl!
Fun was had in the capital city airport as we waited for our flight back to our city.  I was so thankful that everything went so smoothly the whole week.  The conference was helpful and encouraging, it was wonderful to connect with some friends who also attended, we loved the warm weather and enjoyed some good Thai food.  I was surely very glad to get home to my husband and littler girls, though! 

A favorite memory from the week:  We had gone swimming in the pool at the resort (though it was a little scuzzy around the edges) the first day, then the second afternoon it rained, and on the third afternoon, just as we were getting ready to go to the pool, it started to rain again!  But Clara Anne was determined.  We walked down to the pool and she insisted that she was going to swim.  "Are you sure, Clara Anne?  It might be a little chilly."  Clara Anne replied, "Mommy, I said I was going to get in the water, and I. am. going. to. swim!" (teeth gritted)  She bravely got in the water and started to have lots of fun, so I was persuaded to get in too!  The rain rained on our heads and we played happily in the water, having a great time.  After a while, the rain stopped and the sun came out, and we laughed and played and pretended to do ballet in the water and watched the birds flying overhead.  What a precious memory together! 

It was a great trip, I'm so thankful for the opportunity to go!  I'm also thankful that I didn't lose anything or miss any flights or have any complications like that while I was traveling alone with Clara Anne.  All went well in the Land of Smiles!


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So fun! What a special memory!