Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Notable Moments

Today was one of those long days.  You know, where so many things happen that you think of something that happened yesterday and wonder, was that only yesterday?  Thankfully, all the things that happened today were just a part of busy family life, no crises or injuries or anything like that.  It was a good day, a blessed day, just full of activity!

Here's a few notable moments from our day today:

At lunch, Clara Anne said, "Daddy, when are we going to study Plato?"  "In a few more history lessons," answered John.  "Wasn't he part of the golden age of Greece?" Clara asked.  "Yes, actually he was, Clara Anne."  I can guarantee you that wasn't a conversation I was having when I was six years old!  The things that come out of her mouth sometimes!

[Did I ever mention the time recently where, in drinking warm milk before bedtime, Clara Anne casually observed to me, "Mommy, I think this milk will have a soporific effect."  What????  Ok, I know she only knows that because of the Beatrix Potter Flopsy Bunnies story, but STILL!  She used it correctly in an appropriate context!]

Christin wasn't feeling so well this afternoon and fell asleep in my arms during a post-lunch story time.  The other girls felt so badly for her and as we got ready for family devotions tonight, they were pampering her, tucking in her blanket all around her, bringing her tissues and water and her favorite wa-wa.  The kicker, though, was when I overheard Chloe say to her in perfectly sincere sympathy, "Christin, I'm sorry you don't feel well.  You CAN bother my feet tonight!"  Since they share a full-sized bed, sometimes there are territory disputes and both are often reminded not to "bother" the other's feet.  But evidently Chloe thought it might help Christin feel better!

We had a good day of home schooling, practiced ballet, had a fun time with paint in art class this morning, and read a lot of books.  (Christin's favorites lately are "We're Going on a Bear Hunt," "Go, Dogs, GO!," "Goodnight, Moon" and a book of Mother Goose rhymes that she has mostly memorized.)  Baths were taken, meals were made (homemade whole-wheat naan for supper with some red curry chicken!), enjoyed, and cleaned up after, 3 loads of laundry were completed and I exercised tonight too.  I'm so thankful for the grace to do the work that I am called to each day, to be able to shepherd my girls, be with them, teach them, and impact their hearts for eternity.  I love making a home for my husband and daughters.  They are such a treasure!    So thankful for these notable moments that are adding up to a lifetime...strung together like pearls on a string, making something beautiful. 

Overwhelmed with gratitude tonight for the gracious gifts I've been given.


Romantic Dinner said...
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sandra said...

I love how you write motherhood.