Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A morning scene

Here's a typical morning scene.  I get up and follow the same pattern every day...use the bathroom, weigh myself, put on my robe, make a cup of tea, and sit down in the school room with my Bible, journal and pen.  Usually by 7 or 7:30 Christin and Chloe have stumbled out of their rooms, rubbing sleep from their eyes, as they come to cuddle with me.  Clara Anne is my late riser, she often isn't up until 8 or even 8:30, but the other two girls "keep me company" (you know, don't you always want company when you're trying to read and pray?) and drink 2 yogurts a piece (which they help themselves to!) as I finish my morning devotion time.  They are supposed to be quiet but there are often small disputes about who gets to snuggle in where with Mommy.  Usually I can hardly move when everyone else is comfortable!

This particular morning was a few weeks ago.  As the morning routine was followed and one by one, everyone wanted to pile on the chair, I thought, "In a few years I'll be missing this time...all my girls liking nothing better than morning snuggle time with me.  I have got to be enjoy and be thankful for this time, even if I'm feeling crowded!  These days won't last forever."  So then I called John to come and take a picture!  I love all the sleepy morning faces!  Thank you, Lord, for the joys of home and family.


Courtney said...

wonderful perspective! it's so tempting to feel like our kids are an interruption instead of the blessing that they are! great picture reminder (love those fuzzy faces!) :)

sandra said...

Good job capturing a wonderful everyday life moment. I'm so glad you are in the photo with the girls.