Friday, July 01, 2011

Made it safely!

Hi Everyone, just a quick note tonight to let you know that we are safely arrived in the US, about 24 hours ago.  All went well on our flights, we didn't have much extra time throughout the travel day but the girls did great and we were so glad to see Grandpa and Grandma waiting on the other end!  Our luggage didn't make the final connection but was found and delivered already early this morning, so no big deal.  We're so glad to be here!  After the packing and moving craziness, it's good to be here (though not done with the packing and moving, since this is only a stop on our way to Louisville). 

I have some funny stories to tell from the trip but for now I'll just share a few highlights from today which include: blue skies, perfect summer temps, the girls running through the sprinkler, opening boxes of stuff that we forgot we left behind and being reunited with things, (like the girls finding dolls and toys here that they were sad to leave last time...still here!), doing about 8 loads of laundry and sipping great coffee! 

We're so thankful to have arrived one got sick, nothing got lost, we had mostly cheerful girls throughout our travel, such a blessing.  Thanks for praying!  More tomorrow...

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