Friday, January 13, 2012

Back in Louisville

It's been a snowy day in Louisville today, a wintry mix of rainy sleet and snow.  We've had a good day inside staying warm--and a fresh loaf of cinnamon swirl bread just got pulled out of the oven.  Yum!

We've been back at home in Louisville since late Friday night, after two days of traveling.  We left Winthrop, MN (where John's mom lives), taking her with us on Thursday and had just enough time to eat a wonderful lunch at the Pizza Ranch in New Ulm before heading on our way.  We spent the night in Waterloo, IA, with John's brother Andy and family, and then got up very early in order to drive directly to St. Louis, where we met John's Aunt Margie, his father's sister.  She is 83 and still in very good health.  We enjoyed our lunch together and of course John peppered her with lots of questions about his dad.  Then, it was off to the Concordia Seminary Library where John wanted to do some research.  We finally left for Louisville about 5pm, and after a brief stop for supper, arrived home about 11.  All of us, especially my mother in law Ann, who was struggling with motion sickness, were glad to piled out of our very packed vehicle!  Thankful for the Lord's protection as we traveled many miles without any major incidents. 

It seems it always takes us a few days to settle back in to "normal" life.  Is it just us or does this happen to all of you too?  Laundry, sorting mail, stocking the frig again, unpacking, finding a new place for Christmas all takes time.  We had a busy day Saturday with all of that and then a full day on Sunday with church and small group Sunday night. 

We've been easing slowly back into home school this week and the girls have done well.  We started a new read-aloud, called "Flight of the Fugitives" about the life of Gladys Aylward.  It is so interesting!  The girls are really enjoying it, and I am too.  I think the girls have been glad to have some routine to life again after the seemingly endless free time over vacation. 

The news with my dad has been mixed.  A new difficulty is that it seems that several of the major doctors involved in his case are now disagreeing about what should be done.  Without going into the complicated details at this point (I'm still waiting to hear what happened in his last few days of appointments), we really need the Lord's wisdom.  It seems that when doctors disagree, basically it is up to you as the patient to decide what is best, and we simply do not know right now what to do to help him.  If you have been praying for Dad, please don't stop now!  We are as much in need of prayer as ever.

I had to look up a recipe on my blog this afternoon and then got started looking back at old posts--always fun!  I have a new resolve to stay better up to date with my blog in this new year--to record the happy, silly, sad, funny, difficult, challenging, exciting and normal moments of our lives this year.  The girls are growing too fast, these days are going quickly!  I'm glad for the opportunity to share about life here.  Here's hoping for lots more blogging in 2012!

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