Monday, January 23, 2012

A few pregnancy notes

1.  Today was the first day I didn't throw up in the last 7 weeks.  Yay for progress!  Maybe I'm turning a corner and will truly feel better soon?  Nausea, my constant companion, I'll be glad to bid you farewell!

2.  The tummy is definitely pooching out in a major way.  My body snapped right back into pregnancy mode and I now have a round little belly hanging over my (somewhat) lower-cut pants.  I look five months pregnant, even though I'm only 3-ish!

3.  I forgot how much I miss my house helper.  My mother in law has been here these last three weeks, and has lent a hand many times with dishes, the vacuuming, tidying up, etc.  She has even helped me prep some meals.  We've had a wonderful time together, household chores notwithstanding, but she leaves on Tuesday.  Lou, dear Lou, where are you??

4.  The girls continue to be so very, very excited.  They are divided on whether it is a boy or girl but talk about it every day.  Clara Anne couldn't understand why we couldn't manage to have the baby sooner--like, later this month would work for her!

5.  I've been reading a bit from people posting about sanctity of life month, and am so touched and moved again when I think of the precious life that is being protected by my body.  How I love this little one already!  I'm so thankful for the technology that has allowed us to see into the womb with such accuracy and detail, and the resulting increase in pro-life awareness that that has caused.  May the Lord help us to keep on fighting for the protection of innocent life!

6.  Our names are now on "the list" at our church...the list of expectant parents that is usually about 20 names long.  The blessing of children abounds at our home fellowship.  There were three new babies born just in this last week!  One mother joked, "You know you're a member of Clifton Baptist when your 2.5 week old baby gets bumped off the new birth list!" 

7.  I'm thinking of cloth diapering this new little one.  In fact, pretty sure I'm going to do it.  Any words of wisdom for me from you experienced cloth diapering moms out there? 

Thanks for reading my random pregnancy thoughts tonight!  I'm off to bed (yawn).  Can't seem to rest too much these days!


Jenny said...

This will be my fourth child doing cloth with. Pocket diapers like Fuzzi Bunz are super convenient, but expensive. I am using some second hand ones for potty training which works well. The option I went with were prefolds with Super Whisper Wrap covers. They are fairly inexpensive and you only need about 18 prefolds and 4-6 covers. I think I spent $150 on everything combined (birth through potty training). I got mine through

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel better!

I used Drybees, Fuzzi Bunz, gDiapers, and Sun Babies during my time of cloth diapering. The Fuzzi Bunz were my favorite.

The Drybees were a very close second and the only reason I preferred the Fuzzi Bunz is because they didn't have to be replaced when Mary out grew them. (The Drybees are a specific size.)

The gDiapers are designed to be used with disposable inserts. They are less "green" and not as frugal, but handy when you are out of the house. I passed mine onto my friend and she uses cloth inserts.

The Sun Babies are from China and super cheap. A great way to try out cloth diapering without making a huge investment. I liked these nearly as much as my FB, but didn't buy them until later into our cloth diapering journey. They come in lots of cute patterns.

Oh, and I used homemade laundry detergent to wash mine with an occasional vinegar rinse. Ultimately, I stopped Cd'ing because I was tired of the laundry.

Courtney said...

So excited for you - hope you are feeling better soon! And it's so funny about Clifton, so many babies: so many blessings! :) :) :)

The Culbertsons said...

Congrats Rachel! I had no idea you were expecting again! I have cloth diapered all of my kids at some point, but Sarah the longest because I started at 7 weeks (I'm too overwhelmed by a newborn to start at birth - too much laundry!). I have used Bum Genius Pocket Daipers and I have really liked them (I bought them as seconds & have yet to find anything wrong with them). You can find them at I have also used Kawaii pocket diapers, which also do a great job and are much more affordable. You can find those at Praying you continue to feel great!

sandra said...

Girl - I am just now catching up on some blog reading. CONGRATS on baby #4. We are so excited for you and can't wait to meet the next "C".

I am cloth diapering in the PRC. There are lots of great diapers on taobao for 12rmb - ish. I would be happy to send some your way if you decide to go that route.

We've got two in diapers with no potty training in sight (sigh) so cloth diapering eased our budget.

I wrote a post about it here if that should be of any help: