Monday, March 26, 2012

A Far East Reunion

During the month of March, we had the wonderful opportunity of having a little Far East reunion here in Louisville, because two of our former teammates are on a stateside assignment and spent some of their time in Louisville.  They planned this on purpose, to be here at the same time, and it was wonderful that their plans actually came to pass!  We loved getting to see and spend time with everybody again!  Life has changed for all of us since we were last together, but the Lord is still faithful and good.  There's just something wonderful about being together with friends that really know you...the laughter comes easily and the fellowship is sweet.  Love these folks!
 Most of the crowd managed to fit on the couch to watch some funny youtube videos...we thought about busting out the 80s music in honor of our friend Brad, but didn't quite get that far!
 Christin and Savannah have always had a special bond, mostly because Savannah is so sweet to her and takes care of her!  They had fun together that night too.
 And, Becky and I had to show off our prego bellies.  There's a baby in each one! 
 B is about 10 weeks ahead of I am about 20.5 weeks. 
 Climbing on Uncle Brad is always good fun, and he puts up with it remarkably well!
 The lovely M ladies.
 Dear, sweet friends.  So thankful for our friendship, it's hard to believe my daily life doesn't include seeing these ladies anymore...but still thankful. 
 There was a gathering about a week later to congratulate Brad on finishing his phd as well as say goodbye to the M family.  The kids had a blast together!

 One final hug for Alex, the one Clara Anne still insists she's going to marry...  (one of many girls who have been convinced of this!)
 And Becky and I said our goodbyes a few days later.  It's bittersweet--knowing the Lord's plans are good, trusting His ways, and yet having to say goodbye to dear friends is hard!  We are so thankful that we could have a little reunion here, the Lord is so gracious to let that all work out.  Hearts were encouraged, much laughter was shared, and the Lord's name was praised for this time together.  And who knows, maybe there'll be another Far East reunion sometime!

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