Saturday, March 31, 2012

Love these pictures!

I was thinking of my dad a lot today, and praying for him, and remembering all the things I love about him.  That led me into looking at some older pictures...and I thought I'd share these priceless shots that were taken in June, 2010, just before we returned to Asia. 

 This is my dad--loving his family, soaking up time with his grandkids, and wearing his Trinity t-shirt, of course!
 Everyone had fun making a silly face--except little Christin who maybe wasn't sure what was going on!
 Saying goodbye...
Chloe giving her famous kisses where she grabs both sides of your face and PLANTS one on you!

Aren't these just priceless pictures?  Go and grab your camera now and take some pictures of your loved ones!  It's worth it!  We are praying that we may see more and more of Dad's personality return in the next days and weeks.  I'd love to see huge smiles like these on his face again! 

Thankful for the wonder of modern photography...and the memories that it preserves.  Love it!


gay joachim said...

Hi Rachael. I am Kelly Joachim's mother-in-law and I've been following your blog for a couple of years. You haven't updated lately, so wondering how your dad is doing and if your pregnancy is going well? Kelly and Jared will be here in 10 days - I can hardly wait!!! Just know that I am praying for your family.

Rachel said...

Hello Gay! thank you so much for your comment...I finally updated my blog tonight! So glad that you've enjoyed my blog over the years, and that K&J will be back so soon! I know it will be wonderful to be together again. Blessings to you and enjoy all those precious grandkids!