Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Books, Books Everywhere

The other day I was occupied in another room when I suddenly realized that Clara Anne was not with me. I looked around and heard . . . nothing. Oh, dear, there's that suspicious silence again. I went looking a bit more actively, half afraid of what I would find when I finally located Clara Anne, but this is what I saw. Clara Anne loves her books and in this instance had just sat down quietly to browse through them on her own. She has some favorites: yesterday I think I read "Grover's Guide to Good Manners" at least five times, and today's favorite was "Bear Wants More!" which Clara Anne loves since she can say the title by herself. Well, almost. Usually it is just "Bear! More!" and we all know what she means.

My tutor was here today again, which meant that I was trying to hit the books to cram just before she arrived. I am using a book to study language which is geared towards helping native English speakers, so that is helpful. However, it's not helpful if I don't study it! I need to keep working on that! :( Less reading of cookbooks and more studying of textbooks would surely help my language, don't you think?

One book we will all be reading in anticipation soon is called "Potty Training in Less than a Day." Clara Anne's days with diapers are (hopefully) numbered. We went to the supermarket on Monday and as we bought a package of diapers for Clara Anne, I told John that this was the last package! I truly hope that I will not have to eat my words.

I have a great book on my nightstand right now: The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. I have read this book before but it is worth a reread about every year or so. She really fleshes out the biblical vision for motherhood and home life; it is a very encouraging, practical and motivating book! I highly recommend it!

I hope you're curled up with a great book tonight, after you finish reading this post, of course! Happy reading!

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