Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Late-Breaking Photo!

Can you see what is happening in this picture? Yes, you're right--Clara Anne is making sure that her Doll has a full tummy before going to bed. She took the Boppy pillow, got comfortable in the lap of that large pink bear, hiked her pajamas up and carefully placed Doll against her tummy. I think that Doll is averaging about the same number of feedings per day as Chloe; they seem to be on the same schedule. Funny how that works!

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Angela said...

Rachel. . . reading your blog puts me in "pink" overload. .. pink site, pink bears, and lots of pink clothes. Does John wear pink, too? (Just kidding) It's adorable!!! (and I think there was only one picture of Clara Anne void of a pink outfit) You're a great mom!! I'm glad Clara Anne is learning to take care of Doll so wonderfully.