Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Move Over, Dora!

In my last post, I mentioned how Clara Anne loves Dora the Explorer, mostly because of her friend Emma. Well, last night we found out where Dora truly stands in Clara Anne's affections.

We had just finished supper, and John suggested listening to Dr. Mohler's radio program online while we did the dishes. Dr. Albert Mohler, the president of Southern Seminary, has a daily radio show in which he discusses current events from a Christian perspective. It's a great show, and we often listen to it in the evenings when we have a little down time. I guess I didn't realize just how common it was for us to invite Dr. Mohler into our home, so to speak, until I saw Clara Anne's response last night.

When John brought the computer into the kitchen to get it set up to listen, Clara Anne knew right away what was happening and started shouting, "Doctor Mohler! Doctor Mohler!" (I didn't know that she could say his name!) Then as the jazzy theme music began at the start of the program, she threw her arms up into the air as if she had just scored a touchdown! It seemed like she truly recognized the music and his voice as the program went on. She then hunkered down in front of the computer to watch the screen saver as Dr. Mohler began to discuss the day's issues.

So it seems that Dr. Mohler is more exciting to our little girl than Dora's exploring adventures. Too bad, Dora. Nice work, Dr. Mohler!

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