Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there, especially expectant mothers! I wanted to send a special greeting to my own mother, Jan, who almost 31 years ago now labored on a Sunday morning to give birth to an eleven pound, one ounce baby--me! Though there were a few tense moments in the delivery room, she found the strength to push out that big baby. And she has been one of the most influential people in my life ever since. From her I learned to cook, clean, and keep house (dying arts), as well as studying piano with her from a very early age. She encouraged my musical abilities and though she did not pass to me her gift of perfect pitch, I think I did get her love of music and her desire to make music to glorify the Lord. My mom always strives for excellence in whatever she does, and that has been a wonderful example to me.

My mom has been through a lot in the past year, with health difficulties that culminated in her needing to give up several activities that she loved in order to rest more. She is still trying to regain strength in her arms and legs, which often betray her with fatigue. But I have been so encouraged to see the Lord at work in her life, helping her to find peace and rest in Him. It has not been easy, and even now is not easy. She is fighting daily to take each thought captive and trust the Lord despite her circumstances. I am encouraged by her example. She has had many, many people praying for her and her church family has been amazingly thoughtful and helpful. We do thank the Lord for his provision, even as we continue to ask Him to restore my mom to full health.

I hope all of you mothers will take a few moments today to be thankful for the gift that the Father has given you in your children, to pray for those children, and to thank Him for your own mother! Happy Mother's Day!

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Erica W said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Rachel! Hope that you had a wonderful day!
Our secret is out of the bag now - we are very excited, but I am thankful this year that baby #3 is still inside mommy and I still only have 2 in my arms! November will be a good time to stretch my arms wide again.
I will be asking that your nights get longer and more restful! :)