Sunday, May 06, 2007

It Worked! Hallelujah!

Finally, after great perseverance, I have discovered the problem: our internet connection was simply too slow! Now, thanks to the gracious hospitality of our dear friends Chip and Doris Stam, I have been successful in uploading some great photos from recent weeks. Above: here's a gathering of John's family outside a restaurant in St. Paul. We had just had a wonderful brunch with literally acres of hash browns!
Clara Anne and her aunt Mary having a great time at Mary's piano!

Here's John's mom, Grandma Ann, with her two youngest grandkids!

Fast forward to life in Louisville: One of Clara Anne's favorite recent activities is to feed Chloe. She takes her job very seriously, as you can see from this photo. Chloe, my perpetually-hungry baby, is happy to eat from anyone's hand, so opens her mouth willingly like a little bird.

This was a picture from our travels--Clara Anne in her bed, all set up in a hotel room. She's wearing Dora panties, Dora jammies, in a Dora sleeping bag (previously the dora inflatable bed that wouldn't hold air), and inside her Dora tent. She's a happy girl!

Speaking of happy girls, Clara Anne LOVES to swing! There's a park a 5 minute drive away with a great kid's playground. This picture is more recent--within the last week.

Here's a photo from Cave Hill cemetary, which I have mentioned in my blog before. We went this past week to walk and feed the ducks, and got to see these newborn chicks. They were not shy at all and came right up to us to eat our stale bread! Clara Anne thought it was great!

What do you think of this double stroller?! The girls really like it and it frees me up a LOT. This was also taken at Cave Hill.
Happy times when Daddy's home!

Here's our happy Chloe, enjoying the swing too!

Clara Anne, pretty as a picture!

So now you are caught up on the pictures side of our life! Rachel, you can finally see what my kids look like these days! Hope you all enjoyed the photos!


rachel said...

yay for pictures and your cute girls! emma loved catching up with clara and chloe, but only had two words for us when we got to the end: more pictures!

love you all!

Wang Ping said...

Rachel, I am so glad to catch up your part of life. It did cost your time and ideas to post them for sharing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.
Blessing to all of you!