Sunday, May 06, 2007

Oh, the (Temporal) Joys . . .

of Krispy Kreme! Yes, I know, how shallow and unhealthy can you be, to find simple pleasure and joy in a "hot and now" Krispy Kreme doughnut! But they are SO good!

Last night we had a wonderful reunion with some people who came to visit us at our city in Asia in the summer of 2005. Everyone was there except one woman who lives in Florida (we missed you, Jennifer!), and many have experienced significant life changes since that time--graduations, weddings, engagements, even two pregnancies. It was so fun to catch up, share more about what is happening in Asia now, and see pictures and scrapbooks from that time. What an encouragement! The work that these people did is still bearing fruit, and we are thankful for that. Other than Chloe being uncharacteristically fussy (I think she is getting some new teeth--really--it's not just an excuse!), we had a great time. We also took our Asian friend Robert with us; he met these folks in our city back then and now they are really helping him as he is studying here in America.

On the way home, we decided that it would be fun to drive by the Krispy Kreme and "see if the light is on." For all of you not familiar with Krispy Kreme, their signature marketing trick is to have a neon sign in their window whenever they are making fresh, hot doughnuts. It's often in the evening as they prepare for the next day's needs, and if the neon light is on, it means that you can go in and order some of the doughnuts that were just made moments ago. When they are hot and fresh like that, the glaze is barely set and the doughnuts just melt in your mouth. There are probably only about a zillion calories per doughnut, so not to worry, right?!

Well, as you already guessed, when we drove up, the light was on. Chloe had fallen asleep, so I stayed in the car with the girls as John and Robert (still wearing their "Hello my name is..." tags from the reunion) went into the store. They came out with paper Krispy Kreme hats on and a box of fresh, hot doughnuts. As I bit into the first one, John said, "are they as good as you remember?" "Better!" was my enthusiastic reply. They were amazingly tasty--so tender and sweet without being too greasy.

So, although we will not be enjoying Krispy Kreme except every once in a great while, it was a wonderful thing last night! All good gifts come from our Father, so I can even thank Him for the treat of Krispy Kreme!


Melody said...

Oh friend, I'm just remembering when you would come over for supper at my parents home and afterwards you'd ask, "do you have a little something sweet?" So, I completely am giggling over your Krispy Kreme post. I have actually never even had one of those delightful creations but I'll have to do so at some point. How good to delight in the simple things of life. Oh, and we're going through teething with Kristi too...good times, right?

Jennifer said...

I wish I could have been there for the "reunion." I still think of all of my friends from that trip when I read your blog. Who else is pregnant? How exciting for them! Thanks for continuing to share your stories with me!