Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Dancin' Girls

Many of you know that John is especially gifted at making up short, fun, and silly songs to entertain our girls. They seem to flow naturally from him, and my only regret is that since they're made up, spur-of-the-moment, these songs don't get written down or remembered for later singing. For John, who seems to have an endless supply, that's no problem, but for me, I am always looking for already-made-up material to sing to the girls.

But, happily for us, a few of these songs have gotten caught on video tape, and thus recorded for posterity. One of John's classics is "Jammy Girl" which was inspired by a white fuzzy sleeper that Clara Anne wore when she was about 5 months old. But my latest favorite is "Dancin' Girls" which he improvised one night when Clara Anne and Chloe were just out of the tub, freshly lotioned and dressed. Clara Anne was dancing around to his music and trying to hold Chloe's hands, encouraging her to dance too. This was before we really saw Chloe attempting to move to the music, which she started doing in earnest later.

In the past few weeks we have had some new music for the girls to dance to: an album called "Songs that Jesus Said" by Keith and Kristyn Getty. It is wonderful! They are all original songs based on Scripture, with lively melodies and accessible lyrics, even to a two year old. We've listened to it several times over the last weeks, and both of the girls are now pretty familiar with the songs.

Thursday morning as the girls were eating breakfast, I put this CD in to play, and immediately my dancing girls sprang into action. Chloe, who was strapped into her booster seat, started moving from side to side and front to back with her hands up in the air, and Clara Anne got down out of her seat and started "dancing" around--which her version of dancing is to run around the room and clap her hands over her head, adding in some twirls here and there for emphasis. She usually does this until she is dizzy and then falls over. I think our dancing skills need some refining!

But, if you'd like a good show, just come on over and see my dancing girls! I'll even sing John's song for you!

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Erica W said...

Put that video up for us all to see! :) You can upload it so that it is on the blog!!
I would love to watch your girls dance and hear John's song! How sweet!
Hope you all are enjoying these fun, friend-filled days in America!