Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chloe Turns One!

This past Tuesday, June 26, 2007, was Chloe’s first birthday! She had a really fun time celebrating with about 75 “older sisters” since we were in our second week of camp. The camp director, Mrs. Stacy, had arranged for a little party at lunch, with cupcakes and fun party hats and banners! Chloe ate almost two whole cupcakes herself, with great gusto. We opened gifts after lunch and she has since gotten attached to a small fuzzy puppy that says “I Love Cedar Crest” (the name of our camp). Fun times!

It’s amazing to think that already a year has gone by since Chloe’s birth! I’ll never forget the doctor looking at her on the birthing table and exclaiming, “Wah! Big Baby!” . . . and she was, weighing in at 9 lbs and 13 oz. Her size was a good indication of her healthy appetite which has not diminished whatsoever since. I love her big smiles, her dark blue eyes and the blonde hair which is now starting to curl a bit above her ears, giving her blonde “wings”! She has already been such a fun companion for Clara Anne; I’m sure Clara Anne cannot imagine life without Chloe. She is our dancing baby, loving to move to any type of music, though is taking her sweet time with walking and talking. She’s not without vocal expression, though, and keeps us amused at her variety of oohs and ahhs, exclamations and squeals. She loves to play in the water now (has totally forgotten about that time I took her swimming in Asia at about 4 months old) and has really enjoyed our recent swimming outings. She does have some faults, though—she is extremely impatient at the dinner table (often eating as fast as I can cut it up and put it on her tray!), and lately I have been trying to break her of her tendency to shriek when she doesn’t get her way. We’ll be working on those things!

Chloe, you are a blessing! We love you! Happy First Birthday!
Want some cupcake?


Sarah said...

Too cute! Happy birthday! :)

erica w said...

Happy Birthday sweet Chloe! I hope it was a fun day for you!