Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fun new photos!

We have arrived safely in Rochester, NY! We're already having a fabulous time. It took Clara Anne about three minutes to warm up to her cousins, find the swingset in their lovely backyard, and then discover the dollhouse and train set upstairs. She's going to have a wonderful week! I've been happiest, though, to see John really relax and have fun. This is the break we've been waiting for! A badminton game started up in the back yard within minutes of our arrival, and since then almost every minute has been jam-packed with fun activities! Ping-pong, a trip to an amazing Children's Play Museum, and tonight a classy picnic on the beach of Lake Ontario, followed by walks (football for the guys) in the sand and dipping our toes in the surf. Happily for all of you, I do have pictures of our fun day. . . but they will have to wait until tomorrow to finish uploading them.

[note: this blog was written on Tuesday but I couldn't get it posted due to inconsistant internet access. Finally I'm posting it today, Thursday!]
But, I wanted to update you all just on a few cute, random pictures from the past week. Here's Clara Anne in her pretty purple dress and purple Dora sunglasses in our cabin at camp:

This is a picture of Chloe, the day after her birthday. I was reading a story to Clara Anne on the bed while Chloe was playing on the floor. All of us sudden I looked up, and she had crawled all the way up onto Clara Anne's table! Yikes! She was pretty happy about it, though!Here's that one I promised you of Clara Anne signing autographs! Funny!And for those of you who were looking for a picture of me . . . bonus! Here's the whole family!


Groovers said...

Beautiful family photo! :)

Kathy said...

Hi, I hope that you're all getting caught up on rest. Were the girls good travelers? Gd bless you all.