Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Whole New Level of Stardom

These past weeks as we’ve shared with the girls at camp, they are always so amazed to realize how popular Clara Anne and Chloe are in Asia. They can hardly believe how everyone in our city in Asia wanted to hold the girls, touch their fair skin and hair, and take pictures of them. Last week, however, Clara Anne’s fame rose to a new level.

At the end of the second week of camp, at the closing celebration, John and I were busy signing autographs for dozens of eager 3rd-6th graders. So many girls were asking for us to sign Clara Anne’s name that finally some young girl just gave Clara Anne paper and a pen to let Clara give it a go herself. John and I could hardly believe our eyes as Clara Anne very solemnly took the paper and pen, bent over and scribbled in one place for a moment, and then gravely handed the paper and pen back to the girl as another girl took the first one’s place. Clara Anne was kept busy in this manner for a good 5 minutes! Every time she signed her name (scribbles) in all earnestness, then gave back the paper and pen and took the next one. John and I laughed so hard to see her very adult manner, signing autographs of all things!

Enjoy this picture—you can’t see the crowd of girls pressing in around her, but you can see her signing her name. Her fame in Asia never got to this level! Clara Anne, the star!

(The picture won't load right now . . . stay tuned!)

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