Friday, July 13, 2007

Just like an old pair of jeans

We've been in the lovely small town of Platteville, Wisconsin these last few days, visiting our friends Ethan and Heidi. Though we've been out of college for 8 years now, we've kept in touch through emails, pictures and the occasional visit. It's been a joy to celebrate with them as they moved to Platteville into a ministry position, gave birth to their daughter, then added a son a few years later. We share lots of memories together from our college days--choir tours, music theory classes, a very memorable camping trip to the North Shore of Minnesota, etc. So it was extra fun to make some new memories with them these past few days! We enjoyed their gracious hospitality, many wonderful meals and of course, Blue Bunny Ice Cream. (Not Blue Bell, Blue Bunny which is made in Ethan's home town of LeMars, Iowa. It is wonderful!)

It's really special when old friends, like an old pair of jeans, fit so well that it is immediately comfortable to "slip them on" again--share, talk, laugh, and pray together. That's what our time with Ethan and Heidi felt like. It was almost as if no time had passed! But then we looked around at the four children in the room and realized that yes, time had passed and many things had changed. What a tremendous blessing and encouragement to have friends like that.

Enjoy these pictures from our time in Wisconsin! (Yes, we did manage to eat some great Wisconsin cheese curds when we were there!)
John and Chloe enjoyed the swing set and the perfect weather.
After seeing the fields of gorgeous corn and the bright blue sky, I told Robert, "Ahh, we're in God's country now!"Fun with bubbles!Swimming--and look Mom, no floaties!


Pastor Ethan said...

Hi Winds!!
Knowing how much you love comments on your blog, I will gladly participate! It was really a blessing to see your family this week. Thank you for your continued friendship and for letting us partner with you in prayer for the sake of the Gospel. Your children are wonderful and both Heidi and I were blessed to share our hearts and home with you again.

The people you spoke with from our church have already commented to me how impacted they were with your burden for the lost souls in your city. Your testimony is already turning hearts toward your city and around the world. Thank you and thank the Lord!

Lord willing, we would love to have you visit again...or maybe we'll just 'swing through' your city and visit you some time :)

May God continue to richly bless your family and your ministry.

"And so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God." (Colossians 1:9-10 (ESV))

We love you guys! Have a great time in Iowa!! (who wouldn't?)

Ethan (for Heidi, Amelie and Isaiah)

Kevin & Becky Peek said...

How can you even follow up Pastor Ethan? Well, here's my shallow attempt--for the record, Blue Bunny and Blue Bell are two entirely separate entities. Blue Bell wins hands down.

Pastor Ethan said...

You'd be surprised how often ice cream debates pop up in casual conversations we have with people.

I have not met Kevin or Becky Peek, that I know of, so let me start by saying that any friends of the Winds are friends of ours. After glancing at your blog (sorry, our family is blog-less at the moment, and my only blog of note is basically an online Bible study), it seems clear that we are brothers and sisters in Christ and therefore bound together in love as children of God. If we never meet before we see each other in heaven, rest assured that I will invite you over at some point in eternity to enjoy fellowship over a huge bowl of Blue Bunny Ice Cream; which we know will undoubtedly be the dessert of choice.

As someone from Le Mars, Iowa, who has personally put sweat and elbow-grease into Blue Bunny Ice Cream (figuratively speaking, of course. Wells' Blue Bunny uses only the finest quality ingredients), I can attest to its unequaled quality and deliciousness. After all, could the town that officially holds the title of "Ice Cream Capital of the World" produce anything but the best ice cream in the world? Below is a quote taken from the Blue Bunny website stating its official status.

Why is Le Mars the Ice Cream Capital of the World®?

Le Mars was officially designated the Ice Cream Capital of the World® by the Iowa State Legislature in 1994. More ice cream is produced in LeMars by a single company—Wells' Dairy, Inc.—than in any other city in the world.

Aside from it's official societal standing, let me also note a few striking Biblical observations. Does not Iowa rest between two historically famous rivers, similar to a certain other 'land'? Is not that land referred to in Scripture as a land flowing with 'milk and honey'? See where I'm going with this?

Ok, so that might be a liiiiiitle stretch (especially while addressing someone IN seminary).

When it boils down to it, who would win in a race; a bunny or a bell?

I rest my case.

And I feel hungry for some ice cream for some reason...

erica w said...

I just cannot keep quiet on this topic. I would have to agree that Blue Bell wins hands down! This is not just because I am a Texan (although I wasn't born there, it is 'home'). I enjoy ice cream and have tried many types... all else pales in comparision to Blue Bell homemade Vanilla! Not to mention their cookies & cream!
And - Blue Bell is represented by a cow - and isn't that where ice creams starts! :)

Melody in MN said...

So glad you guys had a nice visit with the Ethan & Heidi & kiddos.

I had to giggle just a bit when I read this posting about the Blue Bunny vs. Blue Bell ice cream! I have to say...even though I'm definitely a Minnesotan who grew up eating the delicious Blue Bunny ice cream, I TOTALLY LOVE Blue Bell ice cream. When I lived in Texas, I discovered Blue Bell since it is made there and Blue Bunny is nowhere to be found (that I'm aware anyway). Blue Bell makes an amazing birthday cake ice cream, as well as strawberry and dulce de leche. There are lots and lots of others, but those were the ones that I enjoyed the most! I miss Blue Bell ice cream, and anytime I'm back in Texas I make a point of having some. SO, even though I like Blue Bunny, sorry dear friend Ethan...I do think that Blue Bell wins more bells with me at least than your Blue Bunny!!! :) I say this with MUCH love and respect for you!