Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Date with Clara Anne

Since I have no new baby news to share, I thought I might as well share some recent cute pictures with you. Since being here in this city, with such easy access to Starbucks (literally a 3 minute walk out our hotel door), Clara Anne and I have had two special Mommy-Daughter dates out for coffee.

It has been really fun to take Clara Anne with me and she has been such a big girl with her hot chocolate drink. The weather here has been rainy and cool for the last several days, so hot drinks are still the most appealing. Clara Anne especially likes the whipped cream on top of the hot chocolate, and eats it off very carefully with her spoon before sipping the drink. We take a big storybook with us (it's an anthology of many popular 20th century stories) and I read to her as we enjoy our drinks.
The last time we went we also had a serious talk about Clara Anne becoming a big sister to TWO younger sisters, just as soon as Mommy's tummy squeezes out the baby. We talked about how things will be different, and how important it will be for Clara Anne to set a good example to her sisters. I also emphasized to her how I was so proud of her for being a big girl and learning to play nicely with Chloe, which they have been doing much better with lately.
The following conversation also occurred:
Me: So Clara Anne, when do you think the baby will be born?
CA: At the hospital, Mommy.
Me: No, when will she be born, not where, Clara Anne?
CA: I don't know, Mommy.
Me: Are you excited to meet your new sister?
CA: Yes, Mommy! Maybe I can teach her how to walk!
Me: Yes, Clara Anne, but that will be awhile. She first has to learn how to hold up her head, roll over, crawl, and things like that before she can learn to walk.
CA: I can hug her and kiss her, though, Mommy. She'll like that!
I agreed that the baby certainly would like that and we sipped our drinks companionably together. It was a special date with Clara Anne!


Sandra said...

This is so fun! I'm glad you guys are bonding over chocolate!

SingerMamaMelody said...

How sweet that you and Clara Anne have had some coffee dates together! You look so good in your pictures with the belly! Looking forward to hearing about your little one's arrival one of these days...thoughts and p for you. :)