Sunday, May 04, 2008

Forgot to say . . .

Ok, so in my writing of the birth story last night I forgot a few details to share with you . . . one amazing one was the cost of this entire process. John had to pay a deposit, and when we wanted to check out on Tuesday afternoon, they started counting back money to him! He was astonished upon receipt of that money to realize that the total cost for the birth and my stay (one night) in the hospital was only 970 local dollars, or less than $150 US! Wowza! That's amazing! I usually spend around 970 local dollars in about two weeks at the grocery store!

I also wanted to praise the Lord again for his timing and faithfulness. You may remember that I was praying for this baby to arrive early, and at night. Instead, she was five days late, and during the day! But His ways our not our ways, and though things didn't go as we planned (especially with my doctor not being there) they definitely went as HE planned, and that was for the best. I am now very glad that my doctor wasn't there. The midwives did a great job and Christin was born safely, that was the most important part. We rejoice in His provision and in her new little life!

Stay tuned for more pictures, coming soon!


wilkie02 said...

The birth story was so interesting, especially b/c of the cultural differences! I'm so happy for you and your family and thankful that everything went well.
xoxo, noel

p.s. what is asianese?

Sandra said...

$150! Good golly.