Monday, May 19, 2008

Princess Girls

My girls have really been into the idea of being princesses lately. They both have several summery, frou-frou dresses that they love to wear. Since our weekly gatherings are not very formal, and the dresses won't get worn very often, I let the girls play dress-up in their fancy dresses. They think it's great!
Talking about princesses has also led us to some good discussions about how if they believe in Jesus, they will also be princesses, because the Father, the King, adopts us as his children! We watched the Disney movie "Snow White" together recently and John and I were both struck by the spiritual analogies. For example, Snow White waits with faith that her prince will come back for her, and then he is the only one that can save her from her sleep of death because of his great love for her. He then takes her off to his castle in the sky, making everything right again, fulfilling his promise to her. It's a wonderful story and allowed us some good talks with the girls.
Enjoy the pictures of my princess girls!

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Jennifer said...

They are so cute!