Monday, May 05, 2008

Meet the Family

These pictures are from April 29, 2008, the morning after Christin was born (she and I were still at the hospital). This was the second time for the girls to meet their new little sister--they were so sweet with her and loved holding her little hands and kissing her. Enjoy the photos!

Family Reunion

Sisters are for kissing

Look at her tiny feet!
Clara Anne loves holding Christin.

There she is, almost one day old (and finally clean! They didn't give her a bath until the morning of the second day!).

"Don't worry Mom, I've got good hold of her, all by myself."
"Oops!" A little too much love here from Chloe.

Family of Five--our first family photo!


Kellie said...

You all look awesome! What a beautiful family! We look forward to meeting the newest addition sometime!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures and your birth story. It is amazing to see how it all worked out for the best.

SingerMamaMelody said...

You are such a beautiful, blonde family. :) And it all started in our young years, when the two blondies could be seen gazing into one another's eyes at smitten! Love you all!

Corrigan family said...

Congratulations!! And I love the reasons why you chose Christen Arielle--what a lovely name!

Linette (and Tim)

Sandra said...

There's so much pink in these photos!