Friday, May 02, 2008

Home Again

Well, we're home, back to our familiar apartment in our city. Our packing up and moving locations has gone well. We had safe travels yesterday, made it to the train with plenty of time, and arrived back in our city to find that summer has arrived with all its heat and glory. Wow! The temperature difference was quite astonishing considering we only traveled a few hundred km. So sometime in the next few days I will have to find the time/energy to unpack our summer clothes! We're all feeling a bit warm right now!

It is hard to believe, with all the changes of this past week, that Christin was only born four days and several hours ago. It does feel so good to be back, and Lou has already been a great help, but admittedly the time has felt a bit rushed. One extenuating (unexpected) circumstance is that since these three days (May 1-3) are a national holiday, many big ticket items are significantly on sale, and our local business partner here thought it would be a great plan to try and buy some of the needed office furniture during these days. We then thought, well, we also need to purchase some larger items (a kitchen table and chairs, a bedroom set, etc) since when we move we will leave behind our current landlord's furniture. So today, John was out all day scoping out the huge furniture stores on the north side of our city, with the plan that tomorrow I (and Christin) will join him and hopefully make some purchases.

This admittedly was not my ideal picture of settling back in, but hopefully after tomorrow things should calm down a bit. I knew there was lots of transition coming up, and this is just part of it! I am so thankful that we were able to settle on this new apartment, that we will be moving soon, and that so many details have come together. And it should be fun, right, buying new furniture?! (For me, not a real "shopper" type, I'm trying to convince myself of this!)

Anyway, all of this is my disclaimer to tell why I haven't found time to put Christin's birth story into words yet! I do promise that it will be my next post. I have to write it down soon, anyway, so that I don't forget the details!

One funny anecdote--I've already had my first time of forgetting that I had another baby! On Thursday morning we were getting ready to go down to breakfast at the hotel. I had just showered and the girls were just about ready, we were (as usual) having to hurry a bit since we often came just at the end of breakfast. So as I was rushing about, I said to John, ok, I'm ready, let's go (mentally checking that the girls had socks and shoes, we had bibs and juice cups, etc). John said, aren't you forgetting something? Sure enough, there was Christin on the bed, sleeping peacefully. I had TOTALLY forgotten her! Poor girl! Thankfully he remembered and so we went down for breakfast, all five of us.

More later from us!

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Sandra said...

You are amazing. I absolutely can not believe you are going shopping. I did think about you guys traveling during the holiday & I'm so thankful everything went smoothly. Oh...take photos of your new furniture! Are you getting the girls bunk beds?