Sunday, October 04, 2009

High Stylin' Girl

Have I ever mentioned that I have a bunch of girly girls?

The littlest girl is no exception. Christin is particularly fascinated with shoes of any kind, wanting to try them on and clunk around the house. Usually this gets her in trouble as most of our shoes are "outside" shoes and we don't wear in the house. Trust me, the streets of this enormous city are DIRTY. They may be free of trash (or not), they may even have pretty flowers along the sides, but they are dirty with many no-need-to-mention substances, so we change our shoes upon coming in the house. Plus, it's just more comfortable and cozy to slip out of shoes and put on slippers, Mr. Roger's style.

However, happily for Christin, there is another category of shoes. . . the dress-up shoe. The girls have several pairs of "glass slippers" (actually cheap "jelly" shoes that have come back in from when I was a kid!) and also this one pair of highly coveted high heeled beauties. Just take a look. Can you see them? Let's look a little closer.
And closer still . . . (don't you love her tights? Adorable!)
Ah, yes, there they are. A gift to Chloe from her friend Samantha, these shoes are worn by some child every day for a period of time in our house. At first I thought Christin, still really a toddler, wouldn't be able to master them, but her love for shoes has overcome the slight difficulty of balancing on high heels. She walks like a pro in them! Clunk, clunk, clunk on the hardwood floors. Check out those heels, they're even clear like real glass slippers!

There's a tough decision--to pick up the toy or the shoes? The shoes of course!

A few days later we had come in from playing outside and I took Christin's outfit off because it had gotten dirty. That didn't stop her from finding her favorite shoes and modeling them for us, oh so stylishly, with her diaper, though! Silly girl!

Hey, is somebody in there? (Knocking on the front bathroom door.) Come and look at my shoes!

Niiiiice, Christin. Real niiice. That diaper sag goes so well with the heels!
What can we say, she's a high stylin' girl!

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sandra said...

Oh my word. This post was so funny to me. Our little guy has no interest in shoes. If we are matched with a girl, I'm gonna have A LOT to learn! hugs.