Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In the Midst

We are in the midst of a wonderful visit from my mother-in-law! So wonderful, in fact, that we've been really busy and I haven't taken any time to blog! So here is a VERY brief update of what we've been up to . . .

One big highlight of this visit is being a part of this country's national games. They are being hosted, for the first time, in our city, and the excitement level around town has been high, with pictures, posters, and enormous screens set up around town with live coverage of sporting events. So far we've attended the opening ceremonies (quite the experience, I have some great pictures to share!), a baseball game, an equestrian event (the first time I've ever been to a sporting event where you have to be sh-h-h-h-h quiet!) and a morning of track and field which included the men's and women's 800, the men's shotput, and the conclusion of the 50 kilometer walk. Wowza!

We've also been making the rounds to some of our local parks and have seen some beautiful sights, as well as getting our pictures taken by about 1,749 people. Argh. That's a story for another time.

The girls have really enjoyed having Grandma around, she loves to read books to them and they love it too! Dr. Seuss is a real favorite!

And then there's pictures! There are already 300 "keeper" picture's from Ann's trip and just last night, John finished going through our personal pictures of the last few years, selecting the good ones to print for Ann. That group numbers in the 700s! So she will not have any shortage of photo documentation of our family from the last few years! We've had fun with our camera, getting some great shots as we've been out and about. Pictures are such a fun way to remember her visit and cement the memories in the girls' minds!

Then there's been shopping. Ann had quite the list of gifts she wanted to bring back home and so we've had some big shopping trips to find souvenirs. We've found some fun things!

And on the days John has gone to work, we've been going out for walks, drinking coffee, and doing other "girlie" things like foot massages, chocolate cake, getting our nails done, and watching Pride and Prejudice. It's been really fun!

So, I have lots and lots of pictures to share, and more stories too, but for now, we're off to have some more fun together! We have to make the most of our time since we leave on Saturday to go back to the capital city and then my mother-in-law will leave early Sunday morning. Only a few days left . . . the three week visit is flying by!

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